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Elemental Healing Arts & Training LLC offers:

 The most important thing in life is to wake up to who you truly are. 
You are not merely a person. 
You are the living spirit of Truth. 
You are the light of consciousness —wisdom and love shining as life itself. 
You are pure Awareness. ~ Mooji

And from Frans Stiene, “Ultimate Healing Starts in our Heart/Mind
“Healing is about becoming whole, remembering what we have forgotten. Becoming whole doesn’t always mean the removal of the symptoms; rather it is about how to live with the symptoms in a wholesome way….Nowadays there are many modalities which focus on “healing” others on a physical level, yet they forget to help the client to empower themselves to start to remember their True Self; it is in remembering the True Self that real healing can take place. But of course the practitioner or teacher only can do this if he/she is willing to look first at healing their own mind/heart. We cannot help others to rediscover their True Self if we as practitioners and teachers still are fumbling around in the dark.”

Accreditation information:  Elemental Healing Arts & Training LLC is a charter member of and accredited through the World Metaphysical Association and the Association of Holistic Healers (WMA# 2014010801EHA and ACHH# EHA20140108TS).