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 You have an innate ability to heal yourself.

You have a deep well of inner wisdom.

You have the capacity to grow, evolve, heal, and flourish.


You might be here because you KNOW this to be true and you desire to continue growing, evolving, healing, and flourishing.

You might be here because you are doubting if this is true. You might be afraid that you are the exception to the rule.

Or perhaps you once knew these truths in the marrow of your bones, but have somehow misplaced the conviction.

You are not an exception. You are not lost. You have the same Inner Light and the same Heart Field that is given to each of us as we enter this life on this amazing planet. 

You have the same ability as anyone else to stand in your Light, to tap into your strength, to live through your Heart free of fear and anxiety and self-doubt.

My name is Tana Schott. I have some certifications, qualifications, and areas of study that I’ll share with you in a bit, but what is important to know out of the gate is what I offer.

“Empowerment” has become a buzzword and when that happens, it can lose its power. That’s ironic. The literal definition means “to give power to.” So it’s actually not the most accurate word to use regarding my work with you, because I’m not giving you anything that you don’t already have. You’re actually working toward giving power back to yourself. Where ever you have handed your power over to someone or something else – we can work together to help you take it back and then learn how to stand in that power from a Heart-centered place.

You might be uncomfortable with the words “empowerment” or “power.” I used to be too – because I misunderstood their true energy.

People who learn how to come into their power, who learn to move through the world from an empowered place are humble warriors and healers. 

My role is to help you recognize the power you innately have, how to become discerning with it, and how to move mountains with itfrom a grounded, Heart-centered place.


There are a variety of subtle energy healing modalities and tools for us to choose from. Mine happen to be Transformational Energy Healing, Usui Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. My tools are crystals and Light.

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Healing is about getting to a place where we can “laugh out loud often in myriad circumstances.” Healing is about learning to live from the sacred space of my Heart. 

“The heart, when we clear away the debris of the pain that has protectively encapsulated it, automatically vibrates at the exact rate as the universal life force that is the defining component of all living things, a thing that the mind most certainly does not. The experience reported by mystics and epiphany receivers is of knowing on a feeling level the harmonious alignment of all the universes and the beings in them. In this state, one knows that all is right, all is arranged as it should be. This experience brings calmness, joy, pleasure beyond measure and a tendency to laugh out loud often in myriad of circumstances.” 

Jonathan Goldman,

His book: The Gift of the Body


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