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You are not an exception.
You were born into this life worthy.
You have the same Inner Light and the same Heart Field that is given to each of us as we enter this life on this amazing planet.
You have the same ability as anyone else to stand in your Light, to tap into your strength, to live through your Heart free of fear and anxiety and self-doubt. 

The truth is, no one can give this awareness to anyone else. We each are our own healers and teachers. We draw ourselves into community to compassionately serve one another as we bear witness to and edify each other’s unfolding awareness.

Tana Schott, through Elemental Healing Arts & Training LLC offers:

  • Accredited Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Course
    Testimonial –  This is an amazing program. Tana has created a very rational approach to Crystal Therapy by building a curriculum which teaches real world physical science aspects of crystals and explores elemental and chemical relationships to human systems without being dry or boring. All the while exploring metaphysical implications and developing intuition and clinical assessment skills. The dialog is rich and grounded like no other class I’ve seen. The informational resources she has complied by themselves are worth the cost in my opinion. The private Facebook group has developed into an amazing community that you can stay connected to. You will leave this course feeling prepared and ready to work. I really can’t recommend this enough, it will take your study to a whole other level.” Mona V. Graduate
  • Non-local energy healing sessions which begin with a 30-minute coaching session followed by a healing ritual of your choosing: Crystal Grids, Crystal Healing Body Layouts, Usui Reiki, and Transformational Energy Medicine
  • Personal awareness coaching as a standalone offering
  • Subtle energy healing and crystal therapy training classes

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Accreditation information:  Elemental Healing Arts & Training LLC is a charter member of and accredited through the World Metaphysical Association and the Association of Holistic Healers (WMA# 2014010801EHA and ACHH# EHA20140108TS).