What’s so great about Black Tourmaline?

Why do so many people talk about Black Tourmaline being important? For many, it’s THE go-to crystal for grounding, earthing, protecting. Why might that be?

Black TourmalineTourmaline is both pyroelectric (generates a charge when heated) and piezoelectric (generates a charge with applied pressure). These qualities are notable in subtle energetic healing practices when we wish to transmute energies that no longer serve. There are well over 4,000 named minerals on planet Earth. Of those, only a handful of common minerals are both piezo- and pyro-electric.

Black Tourmaline is a basic sodium iron aluminum boro-silicate. The primary elements in Black Tourmaline are Na (Sodium) and Fe (Iron). Iron is believed to make up 80% of the Earth’s core and has magnetic properties providing us that grounding energy we sometimes need when we haven’t spent enough time in nature, away from electronics, or when we’ve spent too much time inside our heads. Sodium and boron are known for their cleansing, protective properties giving us the support to transmute energy which no longer serves.

Fun fact: both Sodium and Iron are found in the stars and the Sun.

Black Tourmaline can be found in both igneous and metamorphic rocks. Igneous formation is, simply put, liquid turning into a solid. Sometimes our energy is like uncontained liquid – all over the place. Igneous formations carry an energy of regrouping and reorganizing into a productive form. Metamorphic rocks – nothing remains as it was before. Sometimes we need change – transformation – and with that transformation comes pressure. Black Tourmaline offers a reminder that it is entirely possible to survive major pressure and transformation.

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