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Choosing our crystals – and letting them choose us

I’m a great example of a person whose crystal preferences have changed quite a bit over the years. When I first started working with crystals in crystal healing, I only wanted 100% natural crystals. If they came right out of the earth with a bit of dirt on them – even better. Turns out, this was a good preference to have in the beginning because I learned how to identify different minerals, as well as their home of origin in many cases.

Eventually though, I realized the benefits of working with polished and tumbled crystals: easier to carry, they don’t snag clothes, nice to hold during meditation, easier to place on the body during healing sessions.

crystal healing

Okay, I started accepting polished and tumbled, but I still didn’t want to work with synthetics, faceted crystals, or non-crystalline material, like smelter Zincite or obsidian. Yes, Zincite is the stone featured on my logo and website. I chose it to remind me of Humility. That Zincite is the piece that taught me to not be such an assuming snob when it came to stones that were non-crystalline. (I was astonished to realize through direct experience with that Zincite that it can be just as powerful metaphysically as “natural” crystals). Since that knock-me-on-my-butt lesson, I have worked with many non-crystalline stones such as petrified wood and obsidians.

crystal healing obsidian

Okay, fine, but I am not interested in cut quartz. You know those super fancy, extremely faceted pieces? Vogel-type wand? No, thank you. Faceted gemstones? No, thank you. I wanted to work with natural quartz points. Natural citrine. Natural smoky quartz. I didn’t need fancy and I hadn’t yet figured out how futile and limiting it can be to keep drawing lines in the sand.

But then, one day, I was at a local crystal shop – one of the few that rehomed Diamond Light Wands to subtle energy workers. I watched from across the showroom as the shop owner placed a DLW in each hand of my friend. For the first time in my life, I saw an aspect of her subtle energetic field light up. And I thought, “Oh, okay, I need to see what that is all about.”

crystal healing

Diamond Light Wands

My last hold-out was lab-created synthetics. I wasn’t going to work with anything lab-created. There are areas of my life where I am so clearly the one getting in my own way – and crystals – all sorts from all sorts of places from all sorts of sources – have been such amazing teachers to show me how to give myself permission to experience life in fuller, richer ways.

Sometime last year, I had the opportunity to work with synthetic, faceted rutile.

crystal healing

Picture does not do this gem justice.

And very recently I was given an extraordinary opportunity to work with a faceted Lithium Niobate.

crystal healing

374 carat Faceted Lithium Niobate by Hashnu Stones. Click photo for direct link to Hashnu’s website. 

The video featured in the International Gem Society’s article, “What is Gemstone Dispersion?” shows this gemstone off beautifully.

I share this tale to encourage each of us to compassionately consider the ways we might be holding ourselves back from experiencing life fully and learning all we can. What rules are we imposing on ourselves (and usually others)? Are they real? Are they necessary? Are they limiting? I’m grateful for Humility’s role in my life over the years – showing me that my assumptions and biases are unnecessary. There is so much more to celebrate when I’m in a posture of open-heart/open-hand/open-mind.

(I hope to write an article about my experiences with this Lithium Niobate soon).

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Crystal Care Questions Answered – Part 1

Your Crystal (Healing) Care Questions Answered

I’ve been working with crystals in subtle energy work for nearly a decade. And I have learned that the relationship each person has to their crystals is unique and personal. In this article, I share with you my personal perspective on crystal healing crystal care: specifically cleansing and charging. I provide my very pragmatic reasoning for this perspective, but let it be said: the only “right” way to take care of the crystals you’ve been entrusted with is YOUR way. Whatever that looks like to you.

One of the top five questions I am asked is, “How do I cleanse my crystals?” So I’m going to share my personal lessons learned, some things you might want to keep in mind before choosing a particular cleansing ritual, and I’m going to challenge the status quo a little too.

It might surprise you to learn that I don’t cleanse or charge crystals and I explain why in the next section. I work with crystals everyday. I create essences, crystal grids, I do distance healing sessions, in-person healing sessions, and never once have I gotten an impression or received a message that the crystal masters I am called to work with have become dirty, weaker, or out of tune. Quartz is a bit of a different situation because of its unique programming and storage abilities. Even then, a simple request to clear is usually all it takes before I can work with it for another purpose.

I understand that the rituals of cleansing and charging crystals are an important part of being in relationship with the mineral kingdom, metaphysically speaking. When I’ve asked people about their crystal cleansing or charging rituals, what I’ve found is that oftentimes, the ritual is more for the crystal caretaker. This ritual of “resetting” a crystal in any capacity is actually an opportunity for the subtle healer to express gratitude, and to personally reset themselves; to realign and rebalance which is really beautiful. Also, just as I’ve rarely had a crystal communicate a need to be recharged or cleansed, others have! So I’m not here to judge anyone’s practice of crystal cleansing or charging. If you are drawn to the practice – for whatever reason – and it feeds you in some way, keep doing it!

If you practice either of these rituals, there are a few factors to consider before choosing a method: primarily each crystal’s physical properties. This is so that the crystal is not accidentally damaged during the ritual. In this 3-part article, I’ll review some of those factors. In Part 1, we will explore why we cleanse crystals and I’ll address the issue of toxicity. In part 2, I’ll briefly describe the most common cleansing methods and I’ll talk about the KISS Methods (never-fail, works for all crystals). In Part 3, we’ll explore the different properties of crystals that we want to be aware of when choosing a cleansing ritual.  Ready?

Part 1

Do we need to cleanse or charge our crystals?

That’s a great question and one that often goes unasked. It is one of those assumptions in the crystal healing community that of course (!) we cleanse and/or charge our crystals. But why? Well, generally there are two reasons:

  1. to get rid of negative energy that the crystal has “picked up”
  2. to help the crystal recharge its energy

Let’s consider these reasons in light of the working theory of crystal healing.  It is understood in subtle energy healing that crystals are valuable tools because they have a strong, constant vibration – stronger than our own weaker and constantly changing vibrations. We place crystals in our subtle fields, along our subtle channels, and on our chakras in order to help that field, channel, or chakra regain balance. It’s resonance through entrainment.

This working theory depends on the crystal having a strong,  stable vibration which is evidenced by the rate of entropy of most minerals. And not just strong and stable, but stronger and more stable than the vibrations of our subtle anatomy. If the crystal’s vibration were weak and easily influenced – we wouldn’t rely on them as co-creation tools in our subtle healing practice.

When an aspect of our subtle anatomy is unbalanced, a CCTP will choose the crystal (or crystals) which carries the vibration that the unbalanced aspect would be singing were it in a healthy, balanced state. That crystal’s vibration, being the stronger one, will entrain the weaker subtle body vibration until it matches the vibration of the crystal – until the crystal and the subtle aspect has resonance.

I think it can be difficult sometimes to remember that our day-to-day physical-plane existence of cause and effect does not necessarily apply to our subtle-plane existence. When we use a dish, wear clothes, drive our cars, use our cellphones, what happens? They get dirty and/or they need to be recharged. So we wash the dish, launder the clothes, wash the car, and charge our phones. When we “use” (and here I much prefer “work with”) crystals, we don’t have to assume the same cause and effect is occurring.  This work is mysterious and happens in subtle time/space so the usual way of things don’t necessarily have to apply. And yet we’ve been teaching each other for decades now that if we use a crystal we have to clean it/charge it afterward. The natural inclination toward this cause and effect makes perfect sense until we remember that because we’re working in the realm of subtle energy, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not crystals require your help to recharge, release, or get clean after you’ve worked with it. The answer to this question for me personally is “no,” but we are perceiving our experiences differently and so it stands to reason that your answer may be different.

crysta care

Okay, I do cleanse and/or charge my crystals. How should I do it?

There are a lot of different cleansing and charging practices to choose from and if you design your own, all the better! When we  understand how the mineral kingdom responds to certain environments, it is very helpful so that we don’t accidentally damage the crystals. Crystals, depending on a lot of factors, can breakdown in various ways when exposed to certain light, heat, acids, moisture, and other compounds such as salt. We also want to be aware of the elements in our crystals’ chemical compositions – we don’t want to expose ourselves to heavy metals or toxic elements. (Understanding the chemical composition of your crystals helps you in numerous ways).

crystal careToxicity
Most crystals that energy healers work with are perfectly safe. Especially when those crystals are highly polished or tumbled.  When a crystal is labeled “toxic” – you don’t have to get rid of that crystal. There are minerals that are highly toxic, that’s true. Most of those crystals on that short-list are not easily acquired. Still, some hear the word “toxic” and get overly nervous. For example, I know some who refuse to work with Malachite because they heard that Malachite can be poisonous. This is true when Malachite is being cut by a lapidary artist. The dust is toxic and special care should be taken to ensure that it is not breathed in or ingested and so people who cut or polish Malachite are urged to wear masks and eye protection.

Polished Malachite – the form we typically work with – is not dangerous. Rather, we ought to work with it mindfully. Do not lick Malachite. Do not create a crystal essence with Malachite unless using the indirect method. If you have a piece of rough, unpolished Malachite, handle very carefully and wash your hands afterward. Do not handle those forms of Malachite and then touch your face or eat or put your hands in your mouth.

These are good guidelines to follow whenever working with most minerals. 

Same goes for other:
– copper-bearing (Cu)
– lead-bearing (Pb)
– arsenic-bearing (As)
– mercury-bearing (Hg)
– antimony – bearing (Sb)
minerals such as Stibnite, Cinnabar, Realgar, Orpiment, Chrysotile, Galena and others. You’ll note many, many crystals contain Aluminum which is also considered a toxic element. As such, I simply encourage all crystal essences be made using the indirect method and that people do not touch their face, eyes, or mouths when handling their crystals and to wash their hands after. The minerals listed specifically above require extra care and this list is not comprehensive. Handle minimally if at all. I have Stibnite, Cinnabar, Galena, and Orpiment in my collection, but they are on the top shelf of my mineral cabinet and I do not handle them. As always – keep out of reach of children.

Please know that while you might find various toxic crystals lists online, there is no definitive list. New minerals are being found and no list can be comprehensive. If we learn about the elements that make up the crystals we work with, we won’t need a list because we’ll understand how to read a crystal’s chemical formula and we will understand not only if it contains toxic elements, but much, much more.

Got questions? Comments? Email me at

Click here to read Part 2

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Students come to this course from a wide variety of vocations and practices:  gemstone faceters, massage therapists, jewelry designers, Reiki practitioners, Healing Touch practitioners, as well as those who want to practice crystal healing independently.
The course offers an Independent Study track, as well as a certification track.

Crystal Healing with Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz: a rare type of quartz from ONE location in the world

crystal healing lithium quartz

What exactly makes quartz “lithium quartz”? And does it matter? Aside from wanting to know what I’m really working with in my subtle energetic practice, there is also the price factor. “Lithium quartz” can have a higher price tag because it is more difficult to come by: it is mined out of only one region in Brazil. Add to that – only a specific amount of this material is allowed to be mined each year. (I’ve searched the mineralogical corner of the Internet for information about this to verify and weirdly, only reputable metaphysical sites offer the same information. If you have verifiable information that offers different facts about “lithium quartz” – please let me know in the comments).
You might be wondering why I type quotation marks around the words “lithium quartz.” It is because there isn’t a lot of readily-available, concrete information about quartz with lithium inclusions. And what we think of when we hear “lithium quartz” – quartz with lithium – can be misleading. Whether the element lithium is actually present and to what degree is debatable. The only way to identify an inclusion for sure, is through lab testing. Of course it would be very expensive to test every piece of quartz that might have Li in it, so we don’t. Which means we don’t know for sure which elements are present and in what quantities to create that lavender-mauve phantom.
What we in the metaphysical corner of the world call “lithium quartz” is quartz that comes from a specific region in Brazil. It doesn’t come from Madagascar or South America. “Lithium quartz” may have inclusions of lithium, manganese, iron, kaolinite, and/or iron. That’s what we can know for sure.
I see a lot of “lithium quartz” on social media that is not “lithium quartz” IF we are talking specifically about Brazilian quartz with inclusions creating that mauve phantom or coating. One of the most common types of quartz misidentified as being “lithium quartz” is candle quartz with hematite. Candle quartz refers to formation. It is a quartz point that has a specific look to its side terminations. Below are 2 photos of a candle quartz I sold a couple years ago. You can also do a Google Image search to check out more.
crystal healing
crystal healing
Neither are “lithium quartz.” Both are hematite coated quartz from Madagascar.
Sometimes, when hematite is present, candle quartz can look like “lithium quartz.” The coloration can be similar – check it out here. I’m not saying that the crystals featured on that page are not “lithium quartz.” What I do know is that I often see photographs of crystals on Google Image search and in social media that are claiming to show or offer “lithium quartz” that, because of its location, is unlikely to actually be “lithium quartz.”
The important thing – the idea I most want to convey – is that because other quartz (primarily hematite-bearing quartz) can also look like Lithium Quartz, it’s important to buy Lithium Quartz from a reputable, knowledgeable dealer. This is also true of Ajoite and Sugilite, and other minerals which are rare, very expensive, and have look-a-likes. 
One mineralogical website writes that “lithium quartz” is a common trade name (like a nickname – see my post on Trademarking for more information about nomenclature), for quartz that contains a “pink/purple translucent to opaque variety of quartz, possibly containing inclusions of a lithium-rich mineral such as lepidolite – however it could equally be a misleading/incorrect name, and should be regarded a simply a coloured quartz until further investigation on this material is done.” I don’t often refer or link to this website because of the members’ attitude toward the healing arts is mocking and close-minded. But being that it is an actual mineralogical website, providing actual mineralogical information, it bears noting.

So what does “Lithium Quartz” from Brazil look like? Lithium Quartz is quartz that has phantoms of a mauve-hued mineral. Sometimes it has a whitish coating on the outside of the point. I was very fortunate to be able to acquire this very large, double terminated “lithium quartz” a few summers ago that exhibits both:
crystal healing lithium quartzWhile the assumption is that “lithium quartz” contains lithium and is therefore a great stone to work with when transforming stress and anxiety, we don’t know for sure that these quartz points actually contain lithium. They probably have at least trace amounts if they were formed in a lithium-rich environment. But other crystals and minerals contain lithium for sure – and are much easier on the pocketbook and easier to obtain. When you understand the role of the chemical composition in your crystal healing practice, there’s a lot less guesswork involved. Check out what Web Elements has to say on Lithium’s page:
Lithium does not occur as the free metal in nature because of its high reactivity. Deposits are known all around the world. It is a minor component of nearly all igneous rocks and is a component of many natural brines (see below). Large deposits are located in California and Nevada (both in the USA) in several rock forms, particularly spodumene. The four main lithium minerals are spodumene, lepidolite, petalite, and amblygonite.
If you want to check out what other minerals contain lithium and in what quantities, you can check out this page and scroll through the list. You’ll see Sugilite, Montebrasite, and Elbaite.
lithium quartz crystal healing
When metaphysicians and healers encourage meditating or working with “lithium quartz” they are doing so because lithium is a known element applied in pharmacology to alleviate manic depressive disorder. If this is our primary impetus for working with lithium-bearing minerals, I’m going to recommend lepidolite everytime in place of “lithium quartz.” I have experienced anxiety since I was born and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in my early 20’s. Anxiety – regardless of diagnosis – has been a center-stage Teacher in my life. And I have turned to the mineral kingdom to help me as I learn how to work with that energy and allow it to show me what I want to know. While I have some lovely “lithium quartz” pieces available to me, each time anxiety has arisen, I have grabbed lepidolite. Botryoidal, sheet mica, or tumbled, lepidolite has been a great crystalline ally for me.
Botryoidal Lepidolite
crystal healing
Lepidolite “book”
The role of a mineral’s CLASS:
Unlike quartz, which can MAGNIFY energy, lepidolite – being a sheet silicate (aka phyllosilicate) – has a unique role in its shielding and mirroring properties, metaphysically speaking. Depending on how you wish to work with the energy arising, you can incorporate lepidolite in your healing to shield you from outside influences, or you can use the mirroring aspect to help you see how these seemingly external energies are internally co-created. For this reason alone, lepidolite seems a better crystalline ally. But then, it also has the lithium, so while regrouping or assessing, the energy of lithium is also present.
Regardless the crystalline ally you choose, I hope this post helps you as you determine which minerals to incorporate into your healing work and helps you in your identification quests.
Grace and peace,

I will be accepting new students to the Crystal Therapy Program next month (February 2018). If you have been feeling drawn to learn about crystal healing and its effects on the subtle body, I welcome you to check out the course description page HERE
The course offers an Independent Study track, as well as a certification track.

“Self healed” Quartz

What does “self-healed” mean as a descriptor? Can it be applied to all minerals or just quartz? (Loads of photos below)

I’ve seen some confusion about this on social media and on some sites, so I thought I would write an article and add to the confusion. Just kidding. Though, honestly – it can be all a bit subjective. Do I think there is a definitive way to identify self-healed quartz? Sure. But there are those who would disagree with my identification standards. Here’s my take, should you be interested in it.
First, let’s get clear about “floater” crystals – which are not the same as self-healed crystals. Let’s look at what says:
Floater crystal
Crystal that formed without being attached to a host rock or matrix, and thus fully developed without any contact points. All sides of floater crystals are usually fully intact without damage being that they don’t have a fractured attachment point.
A floater crystal may also refer to a crystal that lacks any attached matrix.
Minerals of all types can be floater crystals – not just quartz. You see a lot of minerals labeled as floater that have etching from hydrothermal solution and this points us to the fact that defining “floater” is not so cut and dried, as can be seen in many online mineral collecting forums, such as this one.
(The more I researched the physical properties of crystals, the more I realized how little the scientific community finds 100% agreement when it comes to definitions and classifications. I think that’s important to note – not to discredit the value of science! – but to remind ourselves that as much as we yearn for “THE” answer – for solid, inarguable facts and figures – the reality in most fields is that definitions and boundaries are oftentimes affected by one’s personal perspective. I personally find a lot of relief in this and remind myself of this whenever tensions rise between people or groups over the “right” view of any given thing. Potato, potahto).
At any rate – I digress. Back to the show, which is about self-healed crystals. If you buy crystals from social media sites like I sometimes do, you see a lot of mis-identified and mis-labeled minerals. (Lithium quartz is a BIG one – and I’m going to write a post about that soon). When it comes to quartz and its numerous formations, there is a lot of room for confusion: what constitutes a Cathedral Quartz or a Devic Temple Quartz or window quartz/timelinks or Lemurians or Isis Quartz or self-healed? We can do an Internet image search and see some wildly different specimens – all claiming to be the same formation.
Before I get all nitpicky about self-healed quartz, it’s really important to note that at the end of the day, for metaphysical purposes, it doesn’t have to matter. We can choose how much stock we put into these labels. Not unlike the way we use labels and categories in other areas of life to distract us from what’s true and important, these metaphysical labels we apply to quartz really don’t matter. If you’re a crystal person – someone who feels very strongly drawn to crystals, someone who has energetic experiences with crystals – what matters is the experience you have with your quartz. That’s it. Is that experience determined by the number of facets the piece has? Or if there are ladder striations on the sides? Or if the quartz has rainbows or fractures, is skinny or fat, big or small, from Brazil or Namibia? Maybe, maybe not.
More importantly, is your experience determined by how someone else has defined the experience one will have with a quartz that has a seventh facet/ladder striations/rainbows/fractures/etc? Most of us come to our crystals through an initial resonance experienced through a “first look/first feel” before we even notice that 7th facet or think to ask where the specimen was mined. Hold onto THAT. Go where THAT energy takes you. Who cares what I might have to say about it? I’m not the one having the experience with that unique piece!
Sometimes we put too much stock into what the metaphysical crystal books have to say – what we can expect when we carry a garnet or lay a rose quartz on our heart chakra or meditate with a Lemurian quartz, for example. Upon reading about these fantastic experiences, we set off to the local new age shop or get online and start hunting for that experience. And we spend a lot of money chasing after experiences that cannot be guaranteed.
It begs the question: what exactly are we trying to achieve, gain, or experience? And it also begs the question: what kind of relationship with our crystals do we wish to have? 
Are the crystals our employees? Do we approach them with expectations that if not met then, what? Why should I expect a Lemurian to do with me what another Lemurian supposedly did with Crystal Healing Book Author? Or my friend? Or my crystal teacher? This, right here, is why I’m so hesitant to talk prescriptives and generalities. Because when I pick up a Pink Himalayan Quartz cluster, I have X experience – then that evening, I have Z experience. Two weeks later I have C experience. On the very same day, in the very same moment, I could pick up the cluster, receive a blessing (energetic information) of some sort, pass it to my friend, and he could have a completely different experience! Whose experience was right? Whose experience was more meaningful? Neither! And what if we had just read about Elestial Quartz from a metaphysical book, then started working with Elestial Quartz and find that the energetic information we were tapping into had NOTHING to do with what the book told us to expect? Was our experience less worthy or meaningless? Absolutely not.
I’ll tell you, in my personal experience, crystals tend to clam up on me when I approach them with a pre-determined desire. One of the Big Ideas crystals have imparted to me is how important it is to remain neutral and unassuming when stepping into a relationship or encounter. When I do, there is all this room for a multitude of blessings to come rushing in. When I approach anything or any event with an expectation, I miss out. If the energy can’t fit or flow into my expectation, I can’t possibly experience it – I miss out because I was busy looking for something else instead of being open to what is.
I know, I know, once again I digress. I would apologize, except I can’t with any authenticity because I feel really passionately about this – that each of us is our own expert of our own experiences.
Now, self-healed quartz. This page defines and shows photographs of what constitutes and does not constitute self healed quartz. Some metaphysicians include internal fractures in their categorization of self-healed quartz. I do not, personally.  A couple rare instances have popped up for me when I came across a quartz which had, during its formation, experienced a total break during seismic activity and over time the piece rejoined. In this case, there is a fracture that wend around the entire point (or very nearly the entire point). I had a cathedral quartz which I sold that was internally self-healed in this way. To this day, it is one of the pieces I wish I had not re-homed, though I trust it is exactly where it needs to be. It was pretty cool and very rare, having also some trigonic markings. Here is a photo:

I would include this trigonic cathedral as a self-healed quartz. But they are pretty rare.
Here are some other examples:
This gorgeous, bright, clear cathedral quartz has a bottom which shows the beginning stages of healing:
And this Quartz piece from Nepal is fully self healed, in some areas exemplifying multi-terminations. 
Here is an Arkansas point which also has a self-healed bottom:
Here is a Himalayan Quartz point which is not self-healed:
And here is a “Lemurian” quartz point that is also not exhibiting any self-healed markings:
If you are someone who works with crystals in a metaphysical sense, then you might be wondering what self-healed crystals offer in terms of energetic support. Again, I’ll briefly reiterate that the best way to know what YOUR crystal is communicating to YOU is to spend time with it and keep your ears, mind, and heart open. Whatever comes through always trumps what any book or definition will tell you, including mine.
Generally speaking, self-healed quartz are known to be powerful teachers of our own personal healing. It’s pretty straightforward – having gone through the process of healing itself, self-healed quartz can be meditated with, slept with, carried, etc., as we, each experiencing imbalance, learn how to heal ourselves. They make a great addition to any healer’s crystal set and are lovely crystals to work with individually.

Beauty in fresh starts and crystals to support us, part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about a paradigm shift I’ve been experimenting with (thanks to the wisdom shared by a friend) about new beginnings, re-dos, re-starts, etc. I also mentioned that I was going to try something new this year: to write follow-up posts about the crystals I was working with specific to the subtle energy topic in the previous post.
If you read Michael Gienger’s book, Crystal Power Crystal Healing, (required book for my course), you’ll understand why I have been so hesitant to share my personal experience with crystals in healing. Not only is each mineral expressing different energies based on different aspects of itself, but each person might be resonating with one or two aspects (which means one or two information frequencies) at any given time, based on their unique need at that moment. This means we cannot solely rely on crystal prescriptions to know how to work with crystals in subtle energy healing, unless we’re okay with working only in generalities, which by its definition, cannot serve us in deeply nuanced, specific ways.
I’m going to share with you which crystals I’m working with personally for the topic I’ve written about with the caveat (that you’re sure to get sick of seeing) that just because these are the crystals I’m working with doesn’t make them THE crystals everyone else *should* be working with for the same energetic support. I’m simply sharing my personal experience which may or may not resonate with you. What it can be is a jumping off point into your own personal discovery which can manifest your own personal crystalline experience.
As I think about my intention for this moment: To be present, open, and compassionate toward myself as I surrender to the understanding that all is well and exactly as it should be and that nothing needs fixing…. The following crystals speak to me: Obsidian (any form), Phosphosiderite, Villiaumite, and Cathedral quartz
Let’s take a look together.
crystal healing obsidian
Obsidian – there was a time I was intimidated by this one. I was taught at some point that only people really ready to dive into their Holy Crap should work with obsidian because it was “ruthless.” And herein lies an example of the ways carrying past ideas around with us can sometimes become a hindrance, as well as exemplifying the way individual experiences cannot always be good indicators of the experiences we will have with the same minerals.
Last year I was drawn to obsidian more and more. I decided to delete the previous programming (old thought forms) about obsidian and approach it from a new place and see what it would have to say to me. My friend, Nicholas Pearson (The Luminous Pearl which you can find and follow here and here), wrote about obsidian in his book, The Seven Archetypal Stones: Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings, and says of the stone:
Obsidian is an amorphous solid; really, it is just a super-cooled liquid that as a glass lacks the long-range order that characterizes true minerals. Its composition is mostly silica, but the rapid nature of its cooling process prevents its constituent compounds from ordering themselves into neatly organized, regular structures. Obsidian is therefore disqualified from being counted as a true mineral because of its lack of crystalline structure. Although under close magnification obsidian shows evidence of short-range order—minute clusters of molecules that began to arrange themselves in crystal-like ways—these groupings do not add up to a complete crystal lattice. This incompleteness is part of obsidian’s beauty; it has one foot in the realm of the mineral kingdom and the other in the void of becoming.
This spoke to me – feeling like I had one foot in one realm, and the other foot in a different realm. And I then understood why I was suddenly so attracted to the stone. As I was becoming aware of this feeling and creating a study around it – to integrate the All and see how I could feel whole in the midst of it all – obsidian came alongside me to support that subtle energetic working. Given the way conflict, divisiveness, and duality have been so center stage over the last couple of years, it makes sense to continue this study.

crystal healing phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite is a gorgeous lilac-purple mineral that has become more available recently. A monoclinic mineral containing iron, phosphosiderite is a lovely stone to carry as an energetic ally when a person is feeling or experiencing life in a rather manic way and seeks to create balance and a more sustainable energetic experience. The iron content is very grounding which can be helpful to those who experience life too much inside their heads.  When I want to get out of my head and into my heart, I enter into a study of getting into my body, doing some earthing, and sensing the energies of my root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, and merging those energies with my throat, third eye, and crown. As I draw those energies toward center – toward the heart, I pay attention to the way each chakra informs the others to find myself realigned. This is a great stone to hold when doing a meditation or body work around this study. It’s a great stone for someone who can jump from peace to “hot headed” rather quickly.

crystal healing villiaumite

I first came to know villiaumite, a rather rare Russian mineral, through one of my suppliers. A cubic halide, Villiaumite can be a great mineral to support a person who is in a study of releasing that which no longer serves. If a person is aware of “things” in their life which is no longer supportive, working with halides can be helpful allies as the person releases those “things.” Concepts, items, beliefs, labels, relationships, anything that we can hold onto really. Now, this is true, generally speaking, of any halide, given that it’s a mineral class. Villiaumite in particular, has two important distinctions: it contains fluorine and it is a deep, blood red color.

crystal healing villiaumite

Applying chromotherapy principles to the mineral kingdom can be problematic. So I’m going to skip over villiaumite’s color and talk instead about the element. Fluorine is an element which, according to Michael Gienger, increases flexibility. This is seen in each aspect: physically (joints), emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So as we do the work of releasing, we also have support in not becoming married to a replacement of that thing we just released. We remain supple and open.
Just a note – villiaumite is a toxic mineral: I wouldn’t recommend handling it. Set it in a place where you meditate or study, pray or read and allow it to be an energetic support within that sacred space. If you do handle it – not to worry, simply wash your hands thoroughly before eating or touching your face/skin.

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Cathedral quartz is one of the crystals that is a constant in my personal work. There are 5 which I have the pleasure and honor of working with, this smoky being one of them. As it sits tall in the wooden stand, all 16″ inches of it, I am daily reminded to stand tall in the awareness of the interconnectivity of all things. All energies. When I cannot energetically reside in that knowing, I know to lay down and enter into my body for a study. As above, so below. If I see or sense disharmony externally, it surely can be found within and that’s okay. It’s simply an opportunity to rest, be still with myself, and to become acquainted again with my true self. Only then can I conceive of standing up again, rejoining the Whole from a place of peace and trust and humility.

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Beauty in fresh starts and crystals to support us

New Years is in every moment: crystal healing support during new beginnings.

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A friend recently shared her expanding awareness about how each moment is a fresh, new do-over. She’s not talking about waking up every day with a clean slate. She’s talking about being aware that each millisecond, each breath, is a new, fresh moment of opportunity. If we allow it, if we can embrace each moment afresh without referring back to the past or worrying over the future, we can tap into a groundswell of joy and peace.
The gift of this lesson appeared through her relationship with her daughter. There was tension. There were words spoken. And so, each time they came back together, there was the habit of hauling in previous tensions and words from past experiences. But it occurred to her one fine day – she could choose to meet her daughter as though for the first time, every time. It occurred to her that she doesn’t know her daughter in her present iteration – in the now moment. Who could possibly forecast who her daughter would be this time – in this moment that hadn’t even yet arrived? And her experiment was a huge success! The next meeting of these two amazing souls was fresh, light, joy-filled, and peaceful for my friend who didn’t carry an outdated understanding of her daughter into a fresh, new moment.
Imagine that…. think of a person with whom you feel tension or anger or disappointment or some other uncomfortable feeling. Imagine the next time you encounter them – see how it might feel differently if you reframed your experience as though you were meeting a new friend for the first time?
This story came to my mind as I was witnessing the annual new year’s resolution posts on social media. I’m not someone who finds a lot of meaning in New Years, usually, but it seemed an important occasion this year for a reason I couldn’t quite grasp. On Instagram, a friend asked what our new year’s resolutions were, and one of his followers responded:
“My res is to keep my thoughts open and unbiased while encouraging and loving those around me.”
And I thought, “YES!” Open and unbiased. Being present with who I am with in the moment. This is a harkening to my friend’s beautiful lesson mentioned above.
To achieve this, we would come to an internal agreement to stop worrying about achieving. (The paradoxes are limitless). We would agree to stay present, not referring to the past – past beliefs, past experiences, past hurts, past successes. And we would remain trusting that the “future” will be exactly what we need when we stay rooted in the here and now. We can trust that the future is taking care of itself. We don’t have to create a story about it before it’s even become real.
Were I to look back, just over the year we have labeled “2017,” and if I were asked to label it using one word, the word would be “difficult.” People were challenged in numerous ways, on numerous levels. Ailments arose: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. A lot of crap came to the surface for us to look at and that crap manifested itself in a wide variety of ways.
  • Relationships with ourselves, our partners, our friends, our co-workers, our communities were challenged and in some cases, broken, oftentimes because of mental imbalance – each of us giving too much power to our mind and its unending output of judgment.
  • Our bodies were challenged by the stress of feeling untethered and manifested through death and illness and chronic pain.
  • Our spirituality was challenged by the way we perceived external events and how we chose to relate to them – how we chose to allow ourselves to identify with them.
  • Our emotions – originating from our beliefs derived from the mind, about ourselves in relationship to our relationships, bodies, and spiritualities created a persistent feeling of being challenged, defeated, and overwhelmed.
It was a wringer of a year. If you were doing the inner work of becoming more authentic, more aware, more honest with yourself, more centered and grounded – this year put you through a wringer. At every turn, there was an opportunity to come face-to-face with those aspects of ourselves we dislike and try to ignore or deny or cover up, or worse, dress up as something valuable so that we could maintain an identity we have of ourselves, nevermind that that very identity is what was slowly chipping away at our souls.
They often demanded to be seen through our interactions with each other – our politicians, social media, culture, and sometimes through aspects of our lives closer to home like our teachers, students, friends, and family. If there was a button to be pushed, someone was pushing it.
“Love and Light” wasn’t enough anymore. Suddenly the darkness we so fervently denied or tried to “protect” ourselves from was undeniable. Because if we really believe in oneness, in nonduality, then we were part of that which we determined was “dark.” It was part of us. It was, literally, Holy Crap. 
So of course, the collective is anxious for a “new year.” To begin “anew.” Though these ideas, these concepts that we’ve created of a “new year” and “fresh beginnings” being tied to dates or the moon phases or any other such event, is just that – creations, which means we can change them. We can see them through a different perspective. The truth is that we don’t ever have to wait for a new moon, a new year, a birthday, or some other event to wipe the slate clean and begin again. All that is required is a willingness to cut ourselves slack as we maintain our awareness and continually realign with our truest selves.
And cutting ourselves slack is going to be key because that Holy Crap isn’t going to go away just because we’re typing 2018 instead of 2017. The darkness that arose to be seen (that was always there) just yesterday? Yeah, it’s still there, still waiting to be integrated. There is no magick-ing this away with mantras of light and love. The magic is found through our courage: courage to see and be seen in every aspect and to surrender to truth in all its forms – regardless how it makes us feel. A key truth to remember might be that feelings are fleeting, often unreliable indicators of Truth. The ego thrives on feelings – our emotions, those borne of mental activity, are oftentimes the food of the ego.
That isn’t to say there is no merit in New Years celebrations or in birthday goals or in new moon rituals. These can serve as helpful realignment events if we want them to. Just know you aren’t limited by a calendar or moon phase or birth date to start anew. In every moment you have an opportunity to take a fresh, deep breath and choose to start again. You get to choose which beliefs, perspectives, ideas, and feelings you want to carry with you in every moment. What freedom.

A friend and I were talking a few months back and she was generous to allow me to ramble about a problem I couldn’t see my way through. You see, I know that I teach this amazing crystal healing course and so I *should* be writing about crystals and crystal healing here on the blog – that’s what seekers of crystal healing information would want, right? But the thing is – I just couldn’t seem to do it. Because after the above post about being Present and cutting ourselves slack and being courageous – the natural question is, “What crystals would be good for me to work with as I work to become more present and courageous?” To which I would respond, “The crystals that call you.” And that’s not typically what people expect or want in an answer to that type of question.
So this year, I’m going to try something – I’m going to share which crystals I’m working with personally for the topic I’ve written about with the caveat (that you’re sure to get sick of seeing) that just because these are the crystals I’m working with doesn’t make them THE crystals everyone else *should* be working with for the same energetic support.
That post will be published tomorrow where I’ll give an overview of obsidian, phosphosiderite, villiaumite, and cathedral quartz.
crystal healing obsidian crystal healing phosphosiderite crystal healing villiaumitecrystal healing villiaumite

Keep an eye out for it, or if you’d like it sent to you directly, be sure to sign up for blog updates (in Navigation on your mobile device, or in the left-hand menu on your desktop/laptop).
Until then, grace and peace.
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