Save over 20% and begin your crystal healing course this month!

This month the Personal Enrichment Crystal Healing course will be on sale!

crystal healing courseSave over 20% on the registration fee and together, we will also be sending a donation (20%) from each registration to to assist those who are rebuilding their homes and communities after the hurricanes and flooding of the past few months.

(PS – If you have been craving some different types of new learning opportunities, check out Sacred Land Sage’s upcoming online smudging and ritual course – starting Thursday! – and Ram Dass is currently offering an online meditation course for free).


Save $170 (over 20%) on the registration fee for the Personal Enrichment Program. This comprehensive, 10-part course (normally $770), will be reduced to $600 for a limited time, beginning October 16.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever said:

“I am drawn to crystals, but I’m not sure what to do with them.”

“I want to learn about crystal healing in an empowering way – where I’m not reliant on others for information.”

“I have always wanted to add crystal healing to my subtle energy healing toolkit. I’d love to offer this modality to clients.”

“I’d like to work with crystals for my personal emotional and spiritual healing but I don’t know where to start.”

“I want to learn about crystal healing through the Field of the Heart.”

“I wish I had a deeper connection to the crystals I feel called to work with.”

“I wish I trusted my intuition more when working with crystals in my healing.”

“I would like to feel more confident when working with my clients.”

“I have studied crystal healing/have a crystal healing certification, but I’d like to learn a new method or approach to working with the mineral kingdom.”

While waiting for 10/16 to arrive, go to the course description page and read about the program. (Be sure to read the Program Terms and Conditions and the Student Agreement and Liability Waiver which are PDFs found at the bottom of the page; and check out the FAQ on the website to find out what you will need as far as books and tech go. The savings is also being applied to the EHAAT Payment Plan. So if you want to split the registration fee, your monthly payment will be $345, instead of $443).

Then – beginning October 16th, visit
and follow the prompts to register as a user of the course portal and then complete your purchase through PayPal.

As soon as you have registered on the website and submitted payment, you can start Class 1.

Something to consider: 

crystal healing courseI know that having a certification is important to some and that for others it feels necessary from a professional point of view. On a personal level, a certificate is tangible proof and a reminder of the work you completed and of your accomplishments. While I don’t want to discredit the purpose of achieving a certificate, I do want to make a case for courses that are not about the certificate.

This Personal Enrichment track gives you total freedom to engage with the concepts delivered solely on YOUR terms. I provide you a wealth of resources and offer you a journey to embark upon. But you get to decide how you experience the journey.

While I do my very best to encourage each Practitioner Candidate to experience and integrate the concepts in their own unique way, the very nature of accreditation and certification means I must establish standards and deadlines that they must meet. When you study crystal therapy through the Personal Enrichment program – you have no deadlines, no required check-ins, no assessments, no requirements to worry about. You can really dive into the materials and explore the concepts and then integrate them solely based on what feels perfectly right to you.

What comes with the Program?

crystal healing course

Access the SAME 10 accredited classes that Practitioner Candidates do. Same outlines, same reading assignments, same recommended resources, same lecture videos, and same assignments to put into practice what you’ve just learned.

crystal healing course

The 7-piece crystal set you receive helps you get the MOST out Classes 1 and 2. Be free from ever having to ask another person, “What does this crystal do?” because when you’ve completed Class 2 – you’ll know how to answer that question yourself.

crystal healing course

You’ll also have access to this bonus material – a video where I answer the most common questions about buying crystals and caring for crystals, plus tips for going to mineral shows and buying online. I also chat a bit about what to look out for to avoid scams and fakes.

crystal healing course

Once you pay for the course – it’s yours. You will have access to the course portal as long as the course is being offered. So take your time and dive deep into the materials. Come back and revisit whenever you want.

crystal healing course

If you have a question – email me and I will email you back – usually same-day. I’m happy to share my expertise and personal experiences with you, and I’m even MORE excited about helping you tap into your own deep well of knowing.

crystal healing course

This course takes you beyond the basic 7 chakras and color-matching (which is one of the least effective crystal healing methods). Learn about the numerous aspects of the SA and learn how they each inform the others, bringing our healing to a whole other level.

crystal healing course

Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association


crystal healing course

Accredited by the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers

I just completed the last personal enrichment class for the Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Program. What a powerful, informative, expanding, empowering, engaging, and Light Filled Course. The content of this course is truly outstanding because Tana gives such a broad view/perspective. She makes it so clear, there is not ONE way to work with crystals; to work with subtle anatomy; to work with grids and sacred geometry; to work with the master crystal formations; to work in timelessness; and to work from the heart space.
With each class she offers a plethora of knowledge through text books; internet links; UTube videos; and her instructional videos. In addition to the superb information she offers, her response to questions and issues is incredible. I have never had to wait more than 3 days for any question or feedback and usually it was within a day. She is so available and so caring, flexible, open, and committed to bringing forth the highest level instruction imaginable. I am so honored to have studied the magnificent and magical world of crystals with Tana and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand crystals; the space of the heart; sacred geometry; energy anatomy; and how to work in an empowered way with clients. Thank you Tana!

– Marie Desroches, Quiet Mountains Consulting – January 2017


Have questions? Email me at or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the course description page.