About Tana

crystal therapy healingMy name is Tana Schott. I have some certifications, qualifications, and areas of study that I’ll share with you in a bit, but what is important to know out of the gate is what I offer.  “Empowerment” has become a buzzword and when that happens, words tend to lose their power which in this case, is ironic. The literal definition means “to give power to.” So it’s actually not the most accurate word to use regarding my work with you, because I’m not giving you anything that you don’t already have. You’re actually working toward giving power back to yourself. Wherever you have handed your power over to someone or something else – we can work together to help you take it back and then learn how to stand in that power from a Heart-centered place.
You might be uncomfortable with the words “empowerment” or “power.” I used to be too – because I misunderstood their true energy.
People who learn how to come into their power, who learn to move through the world from an empowered place are humble warriors and healers. 
My role is to help you recognize the power you innately have, how to become discerning with it, and how to move mountains with itfrom a grounded, Heart-centered place.
There are a variety of subtle energy healing modalities and tools for us to choose from. Mine happen to be Transformational Energy Healing, Usui Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. My tools are crystals and Light.
My friends describe me as down-to-earth and funny (I’ve always secretly wanted to do stand-up). I can be very pragmatic too, and this along with my sense of humor comes through in my approach to life, healing, and teaching.
Born and raised in Arizona, I moved to beautiful Washington State after marrying my husband who was stationed in Kitsap County. The move instigated more changes than I could have imagined. I started down a path of questioning everything I had ever been told about life, about myself, about God, about beliefs, and about the universe. For 10+ years I wrestled with various aspects of my life with the help of people and experiences that Grace brought into my life that forever changed me and how I experience this Life. You know what they say, once you learn something, you can’t unlearn it. And if what you’ve learned is a big enough deal – it changes you and there is no going back.
In 2007, I began studying subtle energy healing; specifically, I started studying crystal therapy and Usui Reiki. I was encouraged to apply my *extensive and varied teaching and training background to crystal therapy and in 2012 I developed a 3-day Intensive Crystal Therapy Training Program and began teaching out of my home.
As I continued to research and expand my subtle healing experiences, I decided to revamp the 3-day intensive curriculum and expand it to become a fully accredited, in depth, comprehensive, instructor-guided, online certification program: the Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Program in 2013.
I am very proud of this in-depth course.  I and my curriculum have received accreditation from the World Metaphysical Association and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. I am a lifetime member of both accrediting agencies.
In 2016, I added two additional program options:
The Practitioner Certification: Intensive, a program options designed specifically for those who want to do some deep, personal healing work alongside of their crystal therapy studies. I also made the Personal Enrichment track – an independent study for those who do not desire the certification and practicum module – more affordable and available year-round.
crystal healing
In addition to teaching, I also offer subtle healing sessions and personal awareness coaching. I am always honored when someone chooses me to walk alongside them in their healing work.
*(20+ years of serving in a wide variety of professional training and teaching roles including: organizing and scheduling classroom instruction; developing curriculum; building training programs; creating and administering assessments; and of course – teaching classes. I have experience teaching different types and ages of learners in a wide range of subjects – in both physical and online classrooms).