Beauty in fresh starts and crystals to support us, part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about a paradigm shift I’ve been experimenting with (thanks to the wisdom shared by a friend) about new beginnings, re-dos, re-starts, etc. I also mentioned that I was going to try something new this year: to write follow-up posts about the crystals I was working with specific to the subtle energy topic in the previous post.
If you read Michael Gienger’s book, Crystal Power Crystal Healing, (required book for my course), you’ll understand why I have been so hesitant to share my personal experience with crystals in healing. Not only is each mineral expressing different energies based on different aspects of itself, but each person might be resonating with one or two aspects (which means one or two information frequencies) at any given time, based on their unique need at that moment. This means we cannot solely rely on crystal prescriptions to know how to work with crystals in subtle energy healing, unless we’re okay with working only in generalities, which by its definition, cannot serve us in deeply nuanced, specific ways.
I’m going to share with you which crystals I’m working with personally for the topic I’ve written about with the caveat (that you’re sure to get sick of seeing) that just because these are the crystals I’m working with doesn’t make them THE crystals everyone else *should* be working with for the same energetic support. I’m simply sharing my personal experience which may or may not resonate with you. What it can be is a jumping off point into your own personal discovery which can manifest your own personal crystalline experience.
As I think about my intention for this moment: To be present, open, and compassionate toward myself as I surrender to the understanding that all is well and exactly as it should be and that nothing needs fixing…. The following crystals speak to me: Obsidian (any form), Phosphosiderite, Villiaumite, and Cathedral quartz
Let’s take a look together.
crystal healing obsidian
Obsidian – there was a time I was intimidated by this one. I was taught at some point that only people really ready to dive into their Holy Crap should work with obsidian because it was “ruthless.” And herein lies an example of the ways carrying past ideas around with us can sometimes become a hindrance, as well as exemplifying the way individual experiences cannot always be good indicators of the experiences we will have with the same minerals.
Last year I was drawn to obsidian more and more. I decided to delete the previous programming (old thought forms) about obsidian and approach it from a new place and see what it would have to say to me. My friend, Nicholas Pearson (The Luminous Pearl which you can find and follow here and here), wrote about obsidian in his book, The Seven Archetypal Stones: Their Spiritual Powers and Teachings, and says of the stone:
Obsidian is an amorphous solid; really, it is just a super-cooled liquid that as a glass lacks the long-range order that characterizes true minerals. Its composition is mostly silica, but the rapid nature of its cooling process prevents its constituent compounds from ordering themselves into neatly organized, regular structures. Obsidian is therefore disqualified from being counted as a true mineral because of its lack of crystalline structure. Although under close magnification obsidian shows evidence of short-range order—minute clusters of molecules that began to arrange themselves in crystal-like ways—these groupings do not add up to a complete crystal lattice. This incompleteness is part of obsidian’s beauty; it has one foot in the realm of the mineral kingdom and the other in the void of becoming.
This spoke to me – feeling like I had one foot in one realm, and the other foot in a different realm. And I then understood why I was suddenly so attracted to the stone. As I was becoming aware of this feeling and creating a study around it – to integrate the All and see how I could feel whole in the midst of it all – obsidian came alongside me to support that subtle energetic working. Given the way conflict, divisiveness, and duality have been so center stage over the last couple of years, it makes sense to continue this study.

crystal healing phosphosiderite

Phosphosiderite is a gorgeous lilac-purple mineral that has become more available recently. A monoclinic mineral containing iron, phosphosiderite is a lovely stone to carry as an energetic ally when a person is feeling or experiencing life in a rather manic way and seeks to create balance and a more sustainable energetic experience. The iron content is very grounding which can be helpful to those who experience life too much inside their heads.  When I want to get out of my head and into my heart, I enter into a study of getting into my body, doing some earthing, and sensing the energies of my root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, and merging those energies with my throat, third eye, and crown. As I draw those energies toward center – toward the heart, I pay attention to the way each chakra informs the others to find myself realigned. This is a great stone to hold when doing a meditation or body work around this study. It’s a great stone for someone who can jump from peace to “hot headed” rather quickly.

crystal healing villiaumite

I first came to know villiaumite, a rather rare Russian mineral, through one of my suppliers. A cubic halide, Villiaumite can be a great mineral to support a person who is in a study of releasing that which no longer serves. If a person is aware of “things” in their life which is no longer supportive, working with halides can be helpful allies as the person releases those “things.” Concepts, items, beliefs, labels, relationships, anything that we can hold onto really. Now, this is true, generally speaking, of any halide, given that it’s a mineral class. Villiaumite in particular, has two important distinctions: it contains fluorine and it is a deep, blood red color.

crystal healing villiaumite

Applying chromotherapy principles to the mineral kingdom can be problematic. So I’m going to skip over villiaumite’s color and talk instead about the element. Fluorine is an element which, according to Michael Gienger, increases flexibility. This is seen in each aspect: physically (joints), emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So as we do the work of releasing, we also have support in not becoming married to a replacement of that thing we just released. We remain supple and open.
Just a note – villiaumite is a toxic mineral: I wouldn’t recommend handling it. Set it in a place where you meditate or study, pray or read and allow it to be an energetic support within that sacred space. If you do handle it – not to worry, simply wash your hands thoroughly before eating or touching your face/skin.

crystal healing course

Cathedral quartz is one of the crystals that is a constant in my personal work. There are 5 which I have the pleasure and honor of working with, this smoky being one of them. As it sits tall in the wooden stand, all 16″ inches of it, I am daily reminded to stand tall in the awareness of the interconnectivity of all things. All energies. When I cannot energetically reside in that knowing, I know to lay down and enter into my body for a study. As above, so below. If I see or sense disharmony externally, it surely can be found within and that’s okay. It’s simply an opportunity to rest, be still with myself, and to become acquainted again with my true self. Only then can I conceive of standing up again, rejoining the Whole from a place of peace and trust and humility.

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