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Choosing our crystals – and letting them choose us

I’m a great example of a person whose crystal preferences have changed quite a bit over the years. When I first started working with crystals in crystal healing, I only wanted 100% natural crystals. If they came right out of the earth with a bit of dirt on them – even better. Turns out, this was a good preference to have in the beginning because I learned how to identify different minerals, as well as their home of origin in many cases.

Eventually though, I realized the benefits of working with polished and tumbled crystals: easier to carry, they don’t snag clothes, nice to hold during meditation, easier to place on the body during healing sessions.

crystal healing

Okay, I started accepting polished and tumbled, but I still didn’t want to work with synthetics, faceted crystals, or non-crystalline material, like smelter Zincite or obsidian. Yes, Zincite is the stone featured on my logo and website. I chose it to remind me of Humility. That Zincite is the piece that taught me to not be such an assuming snob when it came to stones that were non-crystalline. (I was astonished to realize through direct experience with that Zincite that it can be just as powerful metaphysically as “natural” crystals). Since that knock-me-on-my-butt lesson, I have worked with many non-crystalline stones such as petrified wood and obsidians.

crystal healing obsidian

Okay, fine, but I am not interested in cut quartz. You know those super fancy, extremely faceted pieces? Vogel-type wand? No, thank you. Faceted gemstones? No, thank you. I wanted to work with natural quartz points. Natural citrine. Natural smoky quartz. I didn’t need fancy and I hadn’t yet figured out how futile and limiting it can be to keep drawing lines in the sand.

But then, one day, I was at a local crystal shop – one of the few that rehomed Diamond Light Wands to subtle energy workers. I watched from across the showroom as the shop owner placed a DLW in each hand of my friend. For the first time in my life, I saw an aspect of her subtle energetic field light up. And I thought, “Oh, okay, I need to see what that is all about.”

crystal healing

Diamond Light Wands

My last hold-out was lab-created synthetics. I wasn’t going to work with anything lab-created. There are areas of my life where I am so clearly the one getting in my own way – and crystals – all sorts from all sorts of places from all sorts of sources – have been such amazing teachers to show me how to give myself permission to experience life in fuller, richer ways.

Sometime last year, I had the opportunity to work with synthetic, faceted rutile.

crystal healing

Picture does not do this gem justice.

And very recently I was given an extraordinary opportunity to work with a faceted Lithium Niobate.

crystal healing

374 carat Faceted Lithium Niobate by Hashnu Stones. Click photo for direct link to Hashnu’s website. 

The video featured in the International Gem Society’s article, “What is Gemstone Dispersion?” shows this gemstone off beautifully.

I share this tale to encourage each of us to compassionately consider the ways we might be holding ourselves back from experiencing life fully and learning all we can. What rules are we imposing on ourselves (and usually others)? Are they real? Are they necessary? Are they limiting? I’m grateful for Humility’s role in my life over the years – showing me that my assumptions and biases are unnecessary. There is so much more to celebrate when I’m in a posture of open-heart/open-hand/open-mind.

(I hope to write an article about my experiences with this Lithium Niobate soon).

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