Crystal Therapy Course for Personal Enrichment

crystal healing course

This Crystal Healing Course is:


 This Program has received a stamp of approval from the World Metaphysical Association and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers

crystal healing course

Comprehensive and Grounded

By the end of Class 2, you will never need to ask another living soul, “What does this crystal do?” or, “What crystal would be good for X?”
By the end of Class 8, your understanding of the subtle body will be comprehensive and nuanced, expanding and deepening your ability to discern imbalances.
crystal healing

Empowering and Honoring

Deepen your discernment of the intuitive messages of your Heart Space to become more confident and more effective in your work. 
crystal healing course

empowered learning | empowered healing

I am not one who falls into color matching or taking channeled messages as factual. We are living in a paradigm that needs room for expansion as well as results. This course put me on a path of continual growth and curiosity as opposed to regurgitating outdated dogma.
Jeannine Spencer, CCTP – September, 2016
White Onyx Crystal Therapy

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The Personal Enrichment Program track is an affordable option for people who enjoy independent learning and want to explore crystal healing for personal enrichment and growth. PE Students receive access to the same 10 in-depth classes that the practitioner candidates receive, as well as a bonus informational video called Acquiring and Care in which I answer common question ranging from where to buy crystals, how to buy crystals wisely, how to cleanse and program crystals, and how to store them.
In addition, PE students also receive a high quality, 7-piece crystal set designed specially for completing Classes 1 and 2 assignments. While PE students are not required to complete assignments, they are provided to help you learn how to research and then break down the physical aspects of the crystal to inform your understanding of the crystal’s healing properties.
This track is ideal for the person who:
  • desires to learn about crystal healing in a grounded way, or…
  • may already have a crystal therapy certification and desires to deepen their understanding of crystals and crystalline energy to expand their practice of the subtle energetic art of crystal healing, or…
  • desires to begin their crystal healing education and wants to independently explore, with email support available for periodic questions.
PE students have access to the course indefinitely.  All materials are available immediately. Tuition and payment plan information is found at the bottom of this course description page.

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The 2 initial classes hold your KEYS to empowerment. You will learn how to read the numerous physical properties of crystals including the formation origin, chemical composition, crystal system, and mineral class - and see how these physical properties inform us to crystals' healing properties. 
It is so exciting and liberating to realize that we don't need to ask another person how to work with these majestic tools. We don't need crystal dictionaries or anyone else to be an intermediary between us and the sacred messages these crystals have to share with us.
These two classes are PACKED with information that you will then practice learning to work with in each of the following classes. It all comes together in a really powerful way by the time you complete Class 10. And - to ensure you can get the most out of these first two classes, you'll be mailed a crystal set with specifically chosen crystals to work with in Portfolio Assignments 1 and 2.
Class 3 presents you with exciting and in-depth energy principles to consider that help us connect more deeply with our experiences and expand our perceptions of what is possible.
And LIGHT! We talk specifically about the difference between subtle and physical energy; how subtle energy communicates to and through us; Light energy; and the why and HOW a crystal's energy is a sacred healing tool in subtle energy work and how to work with it.
You will learn how to identify master quartz formations and what each represents in subtle healing. AND - to me, the most important part of the class - learn how Quartz works with and through various types of energy (at least 16 different ways!). Learn about programming Quartz and why Quartz is considered THE Master Healer.
I personally don't refer to color much in my healing practice and there are 2 reasons for that: 1) it felt hollow for me when I was first learning about crystal healing and inhibited my ability to experience resonance with the minerals I was called to work with. 2) Once I learned how to communicate with crystals through their physical properties, my whole world opened up and my healing work accelerated and deepened in a powerful way. I share this with you in case you have also had that experience - you're not alone. And truth be told, given the other aspects we have to work with, color-matching is actually one of the least-effective ways to work with crystalline energy. In this class, you'll learn why.
Having said that - MANY people are drawn to crystals because of their color. Many people experience resonance with crystals through their color. So don't worry - we don't throw out color in this course. What we will do is explore how to work with color in a more nuanced way which can deepen your work with the minerals. In Class 5 we begin to explore chromotherapy and consider how the hue of a mineral, alongside its its other physical properties, can more effectively be used in subtle healing work.
In Classes 5, 6, and 8, you will also learn about each aspect of the subtle anatomy which encompasses the chakras, the etheric layer, the auric layers, and the subtle channels. You learn how these subtle aspects are interconnected. You learn about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual governance of each aspect.
Your knowledge of the subtle body becomes more nuanced which deepens your subtle healing practice by refining your assessments and treatment choices. In the Portfolio Assignments, you begin to work on client scenarios: assessing imbalances and learning how to apply crystals to the subtle anatomy according to their physical properties.
This is my favorite class and I'm so thrilled when students say it is their favorite class too. As far as I'm concerned, this is THE most important class in this course.
The Heart chakra and the field of the heart are the strongest and most wide-reaching aspects of our subtle anatomy. There's a reason for that. Collectively, we are slowly starting to move from a solar-plexus motivated way of life to a Heart-centered way of life. Transformation, in my experience and in my witnessing of others' transformation, happens in the Heart.
If you've ever said, "I'm not intuitive," or, "I can't access my intuition," or, "I get intuitive messages but then I don't know if I can trust them," - if you've ever wanted to understand the lessons of the Heart available to you in this lifetime, this class is for you.
You will learn about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual governance of the Heart Chakra, just like you did for the Higher 3 and and the Lower 3 chakra classes, but in Class 7 we investigate the Field of your Heart and how the Field of your Heart communicates and receives information. You learn about the Heart Chakra and its lessons, its intuitive role, and how to help heal the Heart Chakra with crystals. You also learn why the Heart Chakra and the Field of the Heart are the most important aspects of our Subtle Anatomy and the similarities in form and function between our hearts and crystals! 
You will learn about the two most popular models of the subtle channels and how these channels interact with the chakras and fields of the subtle body. We'll explore how we might allow the channels to become an important aspect of our crystal healing practice through some exercises and crystal placement example that you can experiment with on yourself. Understanding the channels and how they work with the other subtle energetic aspects can allow for a deeper subtle energy healing session.
Human Energy Fields - there are more than we can count. In classes 5, 6, and 7, we explored the etheric field and the auric fields as they relate to our chakras from one particular perspective - using the Chakra Maps from the Essential Light Institute (with permission). In class 9 we will consider other models such as Dr. Tiller's, and learn about the Morphogenetic Field. 
In this class, you will learn about sensing and assessing energy of the subtle body through the various fields of the subtle body as well as the fields around us. We can work with crystals, tools, our hands, and more to sense and assess.
Additionally, we will consider the concept of protection and shielding from a different perspective and consider crystals that may be useful should we feel called to transmute energy that is no longer desired.
Class 10, your last of the core classes. In this class you will learn how to create and maintain sacred space for your practice and and your home; how to create and work with crystal grids with sacred geometry; and how to bring crystal therapy into your personal or professional practice of healing and wellness in a confident, ethical way.
Up to now we've focused on the fields of the subtle anatomy and considered the fields that connect us all. In this class we will take a look at the Earth's fields and consider how these energies can affect us and how they might inform the way we choose to set up our sacred space. There are crystals which can help us transmute the effects of human-created fields which our bodies are learning to evolve around, and we'll discuss those as well as how you can determine crystals that might increase these energies.


The Acquiring and Care Video

crystal healing course

…is chock-full of information, including how to care for crystals (cleansing, cleaning, programming, activating, dedicating, etc) as well as tips for acquiring crystals (where to shop, how to shop, mineral shows, fair pricing, scams to watch out for, trademarking, and more).

Your Crystal Set

When you register, you will receive a Crystal Therapy Set which includes all the required crystals and tools to complete your chosen program track.
crystal healing course
You will receive 7 crystals which will be the focus of Classes 1 and 2.*
*Please note that the crystals pictured are examples and may not show the exact minerals you will receive. The specific minerals chosen will vary in type and appearance based on what is available at the time of enrollment. My goal is to provide a varied set for educational purposes that is also high-quality.




This course is for the person who:
  • wants to understand how to approach crystals analytically for the purposes of learning about their potential subtle healing properties
  • wants to honor and learn from their own unique experiences
  • is ready to explore the subtle anatomy and learn how to work within it in a deeply nuanced way
  • has an open-mind and an open-Heart
  • takes personal responsibility for their empowerment and growth.
This Program option is for the person who:
  • desires to learn the methodology presented on their own terms
  • is comfortable with independent, online learning
  • does not desire a certificate or certification process
Because the program is comprehensive, previous experience is not necessary. Students who are brand new to crystals, as well as those who have established subtle healing practices, have joined the Program and expressed an appreciation for the unique approach to minerals taught. 
I came completely without any knowledge of Crystals. Only mesmerized by them and wondering what the big buzz others made about crystals was all about. I wanted to learn from an accurate and approved source. I stumbled upon Tana’s program through what I feel was Spiritual Intervention. Johanna Serbousek, CCTP – April 2016
Because this course teaches a unique methodology and approach to the subtle anatomy, it will offer an opportunity for expansion for those who have studied crystal healing previously, as well as for those who are running a thriving healing practice. 
I have taken Crystal Certification before, but nothing like this! This class is hands down the best course out there, to really teach and make you a better Practitioner. Rokeya B – Summer, 2014
Each class is delivered electronically through the Elemental Healing Arts and Training Courses online portal. There you will find for each class:
  • a PDF Outline which includes the class overview, the required reading assignment, as well as additional resources to consider at your leisure
  • any additional handouts that might be included for that topic
  • the pre-recorded lecture video – so you can do your classwork according to your schedule
  • an optional Portfolio Assignment PDF 
You receive immediate access to the complete program the day you register. This is a self-paced, self-directed crystal healing course, so you have approach the classes, reading, assignments, and lecture however you prefer. 
This depends on your personality, learning style, and reading speed. On average, each class can take anywhere between 3 – 8 hours, depending on the topic. For example, the Master Formations Class lecture is about 90 minutes in length. With the required reading assignment and portfolio assignment, students should be able to complete Class 4 in 4-6 hours.
Class 5 has a required reading assignment, a 50 minute lecture video, and an in-depth Portfolio Assignment which asks you to combine the knowledge you’ve learned all 5 classes and begin applying it in theoretical situations. Students have reported spending anywhere from 6 to 10 hours on this class.
To successfully navigate this online course, students are required to be able to perform the following tasks independently:
    • Receive and reply to email
    • Open attachments and links from email and webpages
    • Download, save-as, and fill-in PFD forms (All assignments are delivered and completed using PDF software).
    • View online videos
    • Perform searches on the Internet
Please note: An IT Professional manages the integrity and maintenance of the course website and is available to resolve any errors or issues related to website function and security. I also strongly recommend having a  friend, family member, local computer shop – someone who can assist you if you have issues with your computer or software.
The following devices, programs, and services are required to successfully navigate this online class:
  • Have a reliable, up-to-date computer/laptop with industry-standard current software, that also has speakers or headphones and a mic. Windows or Mac strongly recommended - the course has been tested to be compatible with these operating systems. 
  • While some students have successfully viewed documents and lecture videos on tablets and smart phones, the course is designed for optimal viewing on laptop/desktop computers.
  • Have strong, fast, dependable broadband, high-speed Internet connection and a back-up source/plan if Internet connection is lost (coffee-shop, library) No dial-up, and an unlimited data plan is recommended.
  • Have a PDF reader program installed with most current update. Free at
 Please note: An IT Professional manages the integrity and maintenance of the course website and is available to resolve any any errors or issues related to website function and security. I also strongly recommend having a  friend, family member, local computer shop – someone who can assist you if you have issues with your computer or software. 
The following 3 books are strongly recommended to PE students who intend to get the most out of this course by completing required reading assignments and portfolio assignments. 
As of the publication of this form, these texts are available through Amazon. All but the recommended text is available in e-book and paperback formats.
Crystals – You will receive a set of crystals which will be the focus of Classes 1 and 2. 

as a Personal Enrichment student:

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IMPORTANT, please read:

  • Due to the content and delivery method, this course is non-refundable
  • Be sure to read the Enrollment Policies and Student Waivers before our chat so that I can clarify anything for you. Enrolling and paying for your course indicates that you have reviewed and agree to the Enrollment Policies and Student Waiver.
  • Because the requirements and Intention differ between the program tracks, students cannot change their program track once they have registered. Beginning the Program with a clear understanding of what you desire to learn and for what purpose – having a clear Intention – is very crucial to your success. 

Please note: The instructor reserves the right to change dates, forms, price, and course information up to the date of individual enrollment.
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