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crystal healingI am available for small group workshops and classes teaching subtle energy healing and/or crystal healing at your location. Gather 6 – 12 friends for a fun day of exploring crystal healing. Please contact me for more information 360-620-2681 or email: tana@tanaschott.com


Creating a Crystal Essence – a Step-by-Step Guide

crystal healing

Creating crystal essences (also called gem waters, gemstone essences, crystal elixirs, crystal tinctures, and crystal waters) is a potent way of working with and integrating crystalline energy into your life in expansive ways. There is a lot of information on the web about creating these energy tools – not all of them wise or safe. In this guide, I walk you through what a crystal essence is, how to safely create one, and I will provide examples of the many ways crystal essences can be applied to everyday life. To purchase this guide, click on the title above.Crystal essences provide a great opportunity to work with expensive, rare, and hard-to-obtain crystals and minerals such as Ajoite, Phenacite, Jack Hills Zircon, and others. I create water-based, personalized crystal essences and I can create one for you, working with my extensive crystal collection.
If you would like me to create a personalized essence for you – fill out the contact form below.
2oz essence $12 plus shipping and handling (based on location and weight)
2oz aura spray $14 plus shipping and handling (based on location and weight)
5ml anointing oil $16 plus shipping and handling (based on location and weight)
Due to postal restrictions, I am unable to mail these products internationally.

A Guide to Creating Crystal Grids

In this 25-page digital guide, you’ll be introduced to crystal grids and information will be provided as a springboard to help you discover your own unique crystal grid practice. We will start out by exploring the realm of subtle space-time and its relationship to crystal grids. Then we will discuss intention as it relates to co-creating with the Universe through crystal gridwork. Next, we will learn the role geometry plays and explore basic shapes as well as the more popular sacred geometry images and what they represent. Then we will discuss the ritual of building our grids and I’ll answer some common questions asked.
Keep in mind, if you’re looking for hard-and-fast rules or a list of do’s and don’ts, or a step-by-step instruction guide to co-creating with crystal grids – this isn’t it. I can’t give you do’s and don’t’s because rules like that don’t apply to the realm of subtle time/space – which is the realm of energy healing. There’s way too much freedom to be had when working with subtle energies. The best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself permission to PLAY! To experiment with different shapes, sacred geometries, templates, crystals, minerals, and crystal configurations.
What this guide DOES provide you – is a load of information about subtle space/time which is the realm of this work, ways to approach the most important aspect of creating a crystal grid: intention setting, as well as an overview of how geometry becomes the language of energy in this ritual. If you’re ready to go your own way and desire to expand your perspective and knowledge.
One of the services I offer is creating crystal grids for clients. If you’d like to learn more about this service I offer, click here.



crystal healing I offer my services as a private instructor when time permits.
Contact me at 360-620-2681 or at tana@tanaschott.com for more information, to book an appointment, or with any questions you might have.