Crystal Consultation Service

crystal consultation

Crystal consultation

A Crystal Consultation is for the person who desires to:

~ transmute energy which no longer serves (protection, shielding, dissipation)

~ change the energy of a situation (home life, work life, love life, friendships, familial relationships, etc)

~ change the energy of an environment (workplace, home, garden, etc.)

~ bring more balance to their subtle anatomy (balance, clear, brighten the auric fields and chakras)

A crystal consultation is for people who are drawn to crystals but aren’t sure which ones to work with. As a crystal therapy practitioner and teacher – I can match the right crystal(s) or stone(s) to help you manifest your energetic desires.

Each Consultation is unique and personalized for YOU. When you submit payment, you’ll download a form that asks you to describe the situation you currently find yourself in and how you’d like to change it. You’ll send it to me via email ( and then I get to work matching crystals that would make great allies for you as you work to improve your situation.

The recommendations are not gathered from crystal prescription books. You can do that – you don’t need me to do that. Instead, the recommendations are based on my expertise of the physical properties of crystals as well as intuitive messages from my Heart space – BUT! not based on my personal experiences or my personal channelings with the stones. This is about you, for you. Fresh, in the Now information, backed up by the physical properties of the crystals and stones that want to come forward to work with you.

You’ll fill out the form available for download upon purchase (you’ll be directed to the form after submitting payment through PayPal) and email it to me at

Within 3-5 business days, I will send you a detailed write-up which will include:

  • Crystal, fossil, or stone recommendations

  • Physical property information on each stone which explains the recommendation

  • Correlating metaphysical properties on each stone based on its physical properties

  • Recommendations on when and how to work with each stone – meditation, crystal essence, wearing or carrying on the body, grid work

  • An explanation of what to expect energetically over time as you work with the crystal(s)

Consultation fee: $55.00

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“Tana truly breaks down exactly what you need to know with such authenticity, support, and expertise. She gets to the heart of issues and helps me take the steps I need to get back to being as well as I want to be. I’m beyond grateful to have come across her!”  Sarah E., Crystal Consultation Client, October 2016

Some disclaimers and policies:

  1. If you fail to submit your form via email to within 2 weeks of purchase, you forfeit both your consultation and your payment.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse the service if the manner in which it is requested or any subsequent interactions is disrespectful in any way, shape or form. Payment will not be refunded in this instances.
  3. Disclaimer: Crystal therapy and subtle energy healing are alternative, holistic treatment choices that are not meant to be use in lieu of standard, licensed, medical, dental, or psychiatric care, directives, treatments, or prescriptions which may be lifesaving in certain circumstances. If you believe you have a medical, dental or psychiatric condition, please seek professional, licensed medical or dental care immediately.
  4. Intended use: Information disseminated by Tana Schott, CCTPT, RM and Elemental Healing Arts & Training, LLC are for educational purposes only. Persons using any information gathered from any Elemental Healing Arts & Training, LLC resources or from Tana Schott are solely responsible for any and all outcomes. Tana Schott, CCTPT, RM does not teach, claim, or guarantee that a) any information disseminated or garnered will treat or cure physical, mental, or emotional disease, or b) any information delivered or garnered should be used in lieu of licensed medical, dental, and/or psychiatric advice or directives.