SAD in Spring?

SAD in Spring?


If you experience anxiety or depression during the onset of Spring – you are not alone. Apparently, as my friend says, “It’s a thing.” I didn’t know that, but just Google “springtime anxiety” and pages will appear from websites as varied as the Mayo Clinic to BBC America informing us that indeed – it’s a thing.

There is a general consensus that these uncomfortable emotions can be triggered by hormone fluctuations that arrive with the re-emerging sun, painful or melancholic memories that arrive from taking part in Big Life Events like graduations and weddings, and the sometimes impossible allergy season can really be a downer.

Spring is perhaps the most in-your-face season. We go from dull, gray skies and landscapes that we’ve been seeing for 4-5 months to bright blue skies,vividly colorful flowers, and deep green grasses and leaves sprouting – sometimes overnight. It can be a lot of change in a short amount of time. It can feel frenetic for some people who are super sensitive to energy. If a person doesn’t adapt well to change, this discomfort can also express itself as anxiety and depression.

What can we do?

Whatever makes you happy – go do it. Make time for it. Read a favorite book, listen to your favorite music, go see a funny movie. Do whatever makes you bloom. I used to have a hard time with the Spring season too and it’s still my second-least favorite season of the year. (I prefer Autumn and Winter). I still experience allergies, but the anxiety and depression do not show up like they used to and I attribute that to gardening. There’s something about taking charge of the environment around you – choosing what is planted and how it grows. Working with the plants and caring for them can be quite therapeutic. Being outside affords me the added benefit of getting grounded through nature – actually having my feet in the Earth on the grass, my hands in the dirt. I become friends with the Earth again. In recent years my work schedule didn’t allow me to garden and I noticed that I handled Spring a little less evenly that in the years before when I did garden.

Which crystals might be your allies during the onset of Spring?
As always – each person will resonate differently with different crystals for various reasons. Various physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances can be felt in various areas of the subtle anatomy. The root of any given imbalance can be located in a different place, for different reasons, from one person to another. With that in mind, here is a short list of possible contenders:

Crystals for SpringAquamarine is a helpful energetic support this time of year in part due to the element Beryllium (Be). According the Michael Gienger’s text, Crystal Power Crystal Healing, Beryllium is a subtle energetic healer of allergies and hormone fluctuations. Additionally, Aquamarine is a pillar structure ring silicate which means it conducts and directs energy: ring silicates with a pillar structure are excellent for those of us who might be lethargic during this upcoming season.

Crystals for SpringFluorite is another crystal that can be helpful this time of year. Containing Fluorine, Fluorite can help tamp down allergies that are psychological in nature, and it aids in the regeneration of mucus membranes. A halide, Fluorite is very helpful in breaking down old, outdated beliefs and behaviors. For some of us,eating certain foods can exacerbate allergies and perhaps Fluorite can come to our aid in helping us cut those foods from our diets. This crystal also supports detoxification which could be helpful for those of us who take SSRIs for chemical stability or allergy medications.

Crystals for SpringLarimar is a newer crystal discovered in 1974. Found only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is a Pectolite often referred to as the Dolphin Stone. Larimar is a great all-around general healer. It is said that Larimar is an important teacher which stimulates our self-healing capabilities so that we can decide our own health and wellness experiences. An empowerment crystal!

Crystals for SpringLepidolite, a phyllo- or sheet silicate, has a blocking effect. Helping us strengthen our overall immune system and aiding some of us with anxiety (depending on where in the subtle energetic body the anxiety stems from), Lepidolite also helps us sleep soundly which can be a difficult thing to do when experiencing stress of any kind including allergies.


Receive a Healing
crystal healingReceiving a crystal therapy session, a Reiki treatment, or another favorite subtle healing modality can help a person get through difficult times. Becoming more familiar with your Self through sacred time and space while receiving healing energy can only deepen your attunement with the natural world around you.



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