How to Hear and Trust Our Intuition

I spent the last weekend of August in Suttle Lake in Oregon, participating in a 4-day workshop offered by the Essential Light Institute, led by Jonathan Goldman (Gift of the Body). I walked away with a few of what Jonathan calls “Divine Tactics.” If you’ll allow me to, I’d like to share a tactic with you that was a paradigm-shifter for me.

Heart message or ego message?

Recently a friend shared that she becomes paralyzed by her habit of overthinking and that it gets in the way of her being able to listen to and act on her intuition. Does that happen to you? I could relate as she joked that it was because of her sun sign, but I know a lot of people with different astrological charts who share this experience. We think it’s just our personality or our birth order or our astrological sign: things we can’t control. Fortunately our ability to listen to and recognize the messages of our Heart has very little to do with personality types or birth order or astrological signs and mostly to do with learning how to listen without giving our brains the reigns.

Most people I am blessed to know have one thing in common: they are aware of the ego’s capacity to sneak in and take over. So they tend to be able to recognize their intuition, but they aren’t trained what to do with it and because they are hyper aware of the ego’s ability to sneak in, they treat their intuitive messages like any other idea that comes along – they send it to their brainbox where it gets analyzed and categorized as egoic or non-egoic. Except – it rarely works out that way because intuition is just beyond the world around us. Trying to determine an intuitive message’s origin (Heart or ego?) by way of the brain is like using a screwdriver to try to hammer in a nail.

What we start with:

Many of us are not taught how to tune in to ourselves and our inner being. Instead we are trained to pay attention to outside stimuli and to take it to our brains for evaluation. We are encouraged to analyze, categorize, and organize ideas into one of two categories: true or untrue, valid or invalid, proven or disproven, etc. We are predisposed to judge so that we can pick up or discard whatever is being considered and move forward in a timely, orderly fashion.

We want to live through our Hearts which Jonathan teaches carries the vibrational qualities of calmness, compassion, faith, surrender, and trust. But we get caught up spinning round and round because our brains get in the way.

How can we recognize, trust and then act from our intuition without analyzing it?  The exercise:

On day 3, Jonathan asked us to focus on our breath and the inner channel of light that runs through the center of our bodies. We closed our eyes and did that. Then he asked us to feel our root chakras – first physically in our bodies at the perineum. We saw the channel of light flowing down through our root chakras and into the ground beneath us, then into the Earth where the roots hooked into the soil deep below. He then directed us to move our focus to the third eye and then to connect the root chakra and third eye to the heart chakra.

The Root Chakra’s role:

I talk a lot about “grounded Heart-centeredness.”  Why? Because being grounded is so vital to truly inhabiting these precious bodies and experiencing this life we’ve been sent to live and learn from. When the root chakra is imbalanced, I have personally found that it is usually because we have tried to escape Being Here Now. When we desire to be anywhere other than here in this life, in this body, awake to the lessons appearing to us and willing to learn them, we are bound to have imbalanced Root Chakras. (Spiritual people are not immune to escapism. Spiritual by-passing is another form of escapism. Here are links to articles describing spiritual bypassing LINK and LINK. And I have to refer you to Robert Augustus Master’s book, Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters where I first learned about it).

So when we meditate on the root chakra, we re-agree to Be Here Now. To be embodied. To experience this life.

The role of the third eye: 

I should move into first person here as this has already become a retelling of how I experienced and remember the exercise. He then directed me to focus on my Third Eye. (This surprised me a little and I had an epiphany that I associate the ego with the Third Eye. Maybe I’ll explore that with you another time). It’s important to know that a balanced Third Eye chakra that is following the lead of the Heart (what we desire all of our energy centers to do) is essentially about true awakening and taming the mind. It’s about seeing true: releasing preconceived notions, opening closed minds, observing and healing mental filters, releasing fear around truly seeing. So I was to feel that vibration. Find it, sit with it, and experience the vibration of seeing true. (Funnily enough it had nothing to do with ego).

The role of the heart chakra:

He then instructed me to move my focus to my Heart – to bring the vibrations of my root chakra up and my third eye down to meet in my Heart space. We had done an exercise where we felt into the vibrations in the field of the Heart: calmness, compassion, faith, surrender and trust. We also learned that the seat of the Heart is Humility and Trust. Humility and trust gives us the capacity to recognize truth when we encounter it. Our intuition headquarters is founded on those vibrations so we can trust the Heart always.

I was sitting there, seated firmly in my central channel of Light, experiencing being rooted in my body on this Earth – accepting, my open and seeing Third Eye, and what connected the two – my open Heart. And suddenly, I realized this – THIS is how I recognize, trust and act from my Intuition. Grounded in the acceptance of being Here Now in deep gratitude; aware of, unafraid of, and in gratitude for my ability to see; and joining that together in the center of my Being – my Heart from where all energies pass through Humility and Trust, Calmness, Compassion, Surrender, and Faith.

When we opened our eyes and were asked what we encountered, I shared that I in that moment I knew I could discern anything that came to me or from me from a place of truth. And Jonathan just nodded his head. As he does.

Since Heart Camp, I spend time each day, usually upon waking, doing this exercise of remembering. It feels like going home. If you try this meditation, I would love to know how you experience it. I hope it is a blessing to you as it has been for me.