My visit with Max the Crystal Skull

My visit with Max the Crystal Skull – Solar Plexus Healing

I recently went to a local crystal shop to spend 30 minutes with Max the Crystal Skull. One of my students made an appointment with him and invited me to tag along with her. I jumped at the chance because toward the end of 2015, crystal skulls suddenly came into my reality which surprised me quite a bit. Before this, I hadn’t been interested in the history of crystal skulls or the mystery that surrounds them.

My focus has been on healing the subtle anatomy and working with Crystal Masters as powerful tools to do that. I didn’t see how Crystal Skulls could help me in my practice or in my personal healing and so I wasn’t drawn to them. But then late last year I had received a message that it was “time for a skull.” I thought, “Really? Huh.” Two days later I walked into a crystal showroom and right in front of me was a Smoky Elestial Crystal Skull, cut by master designer and carver, Leandro Souza that was captivating.

It’s February – months later – and he still hasn’t given me a name. I call him Leandro for lack of any other inspiration or message. Last year I was nudged to begin paying attention and so I did. But so far my personal experience with crystal skulls has not been similar to what I’ve heard or read about from other crystal skull enthusiasts. And I realize that’s likely the beginning of the lesson.

Crystal Healing and Skulls


And my experience with Max? Well that was unusual too, based on what I’ve read. It was not mystical or a particularly moving experience for me. There is an aspect of me shouting, “Don’t tell anyone that!” That same aspect feels a little shame that I didn’t have a mystical experience – like I failed a test that I clearly just didn’t study hard enough for.

And that’s silly. In the Year of Authenticity, why can’t I just admit that my visit with Max was “Meh”? Because it was. Instead I have these thoughts: “What does this say about my role as a crystal therapy practitioner or as a crystal therapy teacher?”  “What will other crystal healers or my students think when I admit I didn’t get bowled over by Max?”

When our time was up, I was like, “Okay that’s over, where are we going for lunch?” (We went to this really delicious Vietnamese restaurant and I’m already craving it again. Yep, my first ever Vietnamese meal is a bigger headline than my meeting with Max).

When I look at how I’m experiencing this in my body, I am shown that there is a lovely chance here to do some Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra work. In a healing session I’ll ask, “Where do you feel that in or around your body?” as a client is sharing something with me. This can tell us both a lot about the lesson that is wanting to be seen and integrated. For me, when I think, “Great, I have told everyone I visited Max and they are going to ask me about it and I don’t want to say, “Meh.” I feel it in and outside of my body.

Each chakra we work with has various shades. When we consider them through the lens of the etheric field and auric fields, we can really hone in on our healing in a very specific way. Or subtle anatomy is speaking to us all the time and when we stop to become aware, we can experience emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. I’m going to use myself as an example and look only at the Solar Plexus and show you how I worked with the energy that arrived.

The Solar Plexus as a lot to do with “Who am I in this life?” and also, “How do others perceive me?” We get to those lessons of identification and value by learning our other lessons about working with others, seeing when we experience our lives through the lens of a martyr, and finding support through Divine surrender.

Sometimes we can find ourselves creating stories about what people think of us. I call these Pre-emptive Stories – because they are created in an effort to pre-empt criticism or judgement. (They really can put up a mirror too and show us what we think of ourselves). When this happens, that energy may reside as thought forms in our mental field at the solar plexus. It happened for me after meeting Max. I began playing out these scenarios where I say, “Meh,” and everyone responds with variations of “Failure.” Through my subtle body, my Higher Self pointed out an area where I needed to look at an insecurity so that I could deal with it and move on to bigger and better things. I’m the only one holding myself back.

So allow me to end this tale by sharing with you that my personal meeting with Max the Crystal Skull was not profound for me. Instead of gleaning a profound message about the Universe or about ancient history or about past lives or…. I learned that there was an imbalance in my subtle body and was shown how to bring it back into balance. Not a bad energy exchange!

There could be a million reasons why meeting Max was not profound for me – none of which I’m willing to analyze or share because it doesn’t matter. Each of us are going to be drawn to different things, inspired by different things, find different things and experiences to be mystical. Some people are bowled over by Max the Crystal Skull. I was not and perhaps there are others who were not. Regardless – my experience was what it was. And that’s okay.

In gratitude,