Plant medicine and ritual during the eclipse

plant medicineMy dear friend, Tara Sage, has written a beautiful article providing information about the different ways different cultures have interpreted and worked with eclipse energy. She also provides recommendations for integrating plant medicine into your sacred rituals around this eclipse. Even if you have no plans to do anything specific during today’s eclipse, this article is chock-full of information about the different ways different plants are worked with in ritual to promote cleansing, purifying, manifesting, and more. Tara is, in my opinion, a wise and deeply knowledgeable teacher about the sacred art of smudging and incorporating ritual into our lives. Her background of study is deeply grounded, honoring and vast.

Tara has become my teacher in all things smudge-related. I also acquire my smudging tools and plants from her, knowing that she is growing many of the plants on her own property, growing, cultivating, harvesting, and selling with the highest integrity and respect. Visit her Sacred Land Sage store here.