Rituals and the Highly Sensitive Person


Today in Facebook Land, I came across this article: Why Sensitive Souls Need Rituals,  by Kathryn Nulf, posted on The Elephant Journal website. In this article, Ms. Nulf writes:

“Rituals can have a profound impact on us HSP’s (highly sensitive persons): they calm and ground us, soothe the spirit, slow us down, remind us to live in the present moment, nourish our soul and remind us that we are responsible for our own well-being.”

This is what energy healing and creating crystal grids and crystal essences and doing crystal meditations is for me – grounding rituals that soothe and help me slow down.

Sometimes people will ask me something like, “Do you really believe in crystal energy?” And I respond, “Yes. Because I’ve experienced it and it helps me.”  Not everything in this world can be explained to everyone’s satisfaction. Heck, my experience of crystals is not explained to my satisfaction! It’s definitely in part, learning about how to live comfortably in mystery. And this world is full of mystery, much as our supposedly rational minds would like us to believe otherwise.

Subtle energy of any type – it can and will be experienced by different people in different ways. Some will have a deeply profound, tangible experience with tangible results. Some will have a deeply inner-soul experience that can’t be explained. Some will notice a very gentle support or sense of encouragement. Some won’t experience it at all, holding the “rock” in their hands, or atop the treatment table, shrugging their shoulders, looking at us skeptically. And that’s totally cool. I’m sure there is something that affects the person unaffected by crystals and subtle energy work that I wouldn’t understand or relate to either. It’s okay to be different and to have unique experiences.

Another idea I try to convey is this: it isn’t so much about the object – which serves as the symbol. Everything is a symbol pointing us to something greater than ourselves and usually through lessons in this Earth School we signed up for, but sometimes through moments of Grace too. Words, crystals, mandalas, music, books, art, light, dark, colors, numbers, shapes – all of it – symbols or tools which help us connect or reconnect to our Selves and sometimes each other in ways that bring us back to ourselves, helping us get grounded and Heart-centered.

Have you created a ritual in your life that helps you feel the ground beneath your feet? Which tools are your go-tos to create ritual in your life? How do you choose to work with them? In what way does working with this ritual tool help you?