“Self healed” Quartz

What does “self-healed” mean as a descriptor? Can it be applied to all minerals or just quartz? (Loads of photos below)

I’ve seen some confusion about this on social media and on some sites, so I thought I would write an article and add to the confusion. Just kidding. Though, honestly – it can be all a bit subjective. Do I think there is a definitive way to identify self-healed quartz? Sure. But there are those who would disagree with my identification standards. Here’s my take, should you be interested in it.
First, let’s get clear about “floater” crystals – which are not the same as self-healed crystals. Let’s look at what minerals.net says:
Floater crystal
Crystal that formed without being attached to a host rock or matrix, and thus fully developed without any contact points. All sides of floater crystals are usually fully intact without damage being that they don’t have a fractured attachment point.
A floater crystal may also refer to a crystal that lacks any attached matrix.
Minerals of all types can be floater crystals – not just quartz. You see a lot of minerals labeled as floater that have etching from hydrothermal solution and this points us to the fact that defining “floater” is not so cut and dried, as can be seen in many online mineral collecting forums, such as this one.
(The more I researched the physical properties of crystals, the more I realized how little the scientific community finds 100% agreement when it comes to definitions and classifications. I think that’s important to note – not to discredit the value of science! – but to remind ourselves that as much as we yearn for “THE” answer – for solid, inarguable facts and figures – the reality in most fields is that definitions and boundaries are oftentimes affected by one’s personal perspective. I personally find a lot of relief in this and remind myself of this whenever tensions rise between people or groups over the “right” view of any given thing. Potato, potahto).
At any rate – I digress. Back to the show, which is about self-healed crystals. If you buy crystals from social media sites like I sometimes do, you see a lot of mis-identified and mis-labeled minerals. (Lithium quartz is a BIG one – and I’m going to write a post about that soon). When it comes to quartz and its numerous formations, there is a lot of room for confusion: what constitutes a Cathedral Quartz or a Devic Temple Quartz or window quartz/timelinks or Lemurians or Isis Quartz or self-healed? We can do an Internet image search and see some wildly different specimens – all claiming to be the same formation.
Before I get all nitpicky about self-healed quartz, it’s really important to note that at the end of the day, for metaphysical purposes, it doesn’t have to matter. We can choose how much stock we put into these labels. Not unlike the way we use labels and categories in other areas of life to distract us from what’s true and important, these metaphysical labels we apply to quartz really don’t matter. If you’re a crystal person – someone who feels very strongly drawn to crystals, someone who has energetic experiences with crystals – what matters is the experience you have with your quartz. That’s it. Is that experience determined by the number of facets the piece has? Or if there are ladder striations on the sides? Or if the quartz has rainbows or fractures, is skinny or fat, big or small, from Brazil or Namibia? Maybe, maybe not.
More importantly, is your experience determined by how someone else has defined the experience one will have with a quartz that has a seventh facet/ladder striations/rainbows/fractures/etc? Most of us come to our crystals through an initial resonance experienced through a “first look/first feel” before we even notice that 7th facet or think to ask where the specimen was mined. Hold onto THAT. Go where THAT energy takes you. Who cares what I might have to say about it? I’m not the one having the experience with that unique piece!
Sometimes we put too much stock into what the metaphysical crystal books have to say – what we can expect when we carry a garnet or lay a rose quartz on our heart chakra or meditate with a Lemurian quartz, for example. Upon reading about these fantastic experiences, we set off to the local new age shop or get online and start hunting for that experience. And we spend a lot of money chasing after experiences that cannot be guaranteed.
It begs the question: what exactly are we trying to achieve, gain, or experience? And it also begs the question: what kind of relationship with our crystals do we wish to have? 
Are the crystals our employees? Do we approach them with expectations that if not met then, what? Why should I expect a Lemurian to do with me what another Lemurian supposedly did with Crystal Healing Book Author? Or my friend? Or my crystal teacher? This, right here, is why I’m so hesitant to talk prescriptives and generalities. Because when I pick up a Pink Himalayan Quartz cluster, I have X experience – then that evening, I have Z experience. Two weeks later I have C experience. On the very same day, in the very same moment, I could pick up the cluster, receive a blessing (energetic information) of some sort, pass it to my friend, and he could have a completely different experience! Whose experience was right? Whose experience was more meaningful? Neither! And what if we had just read about Elestial Quartz from a metaphysical book, then started working with Elestial Quartz and find that the energetic information we were tapping into had NOTHING to do with what the book told us to expect? Was our experience less worthy or meaningless? Absolutely not.
I’ll tell you, in my personal experience, crystals tend to clam up on me when I approach them with a pre-determined desire. One of the Big Ideas crystals have imparted to me is how important it is to remain neutral and unassuming when stepping into a relationship or encounter. When I do, there is all this room for a multitude of blessings to come rushing in. When I approach anything or any event with an expectation, I miss out. If the energy can’t fit or flow into my expectation, I can’t possibly experience it – I miss out because I was busy looking for something else instead of being open to what is.
I know, I know, once again I digress. I would apologize, except I can’t with any authenticity because I feel really passionately about this – that each of us is our own expert of our own experiences.
Now, self-healed quartz. This page defines and shows photographs of what constitutes and does not constitute self healed quartz. Some metaphysicians include internal fractures in their categorization of self-healed quartz. I do not, personally.  A couple rare instances have popped up for me when I came across a quartz which had, during its formation, experienced a total break during seismic activity and over time the piece rejoined. In this case, there is a fracture that wend around the entire point (or very nearly the entire point). I had a cathedral quartz which I sold that was internally self-healed in this way. To this day, it is one of the pieces I wish I had not re-homed, though I trust it is exactly where it needs to be. It was pretty cool and very rare, having also some trigonic markings. Here is a photo:

I would include this trigonic cathedral as a self-healed quartz. But they are pretty rare.
Here are some other examples:
This gorgeous, bright, clear cathedral quartz has a bottom which shows the beginning stages of healing:
And this Quartz piece from Nepal is fully self healed, in some areas exemplifying multi-terminations. 
Here is an Arkansas point which also has a self-healed bottom:
Here is a Himalayan Quartz point which is not self-healed:
And here is a “Lemurian” quartz point that is also not exhibiting any self-healed markings:
If you are someone who works with crystals in a metaphysical sense, then you might be wondering what self-healed crystals offer in terms of energetic support. Again, I’ll briefly reiterate that the best way to know what YOUR crystal is communicating to YOU is to spend time with it and keep your ears, mind, and heart open. Whatever comes through always trumps what any book or definition will tell you, including mine.
Generally speaking, self-healed quartz are known to be powerful teachers of our own personal healing. It’s pretty straightforward – having gone through the process of healing itself, self-healed quartz can be meditated with, slept with, carried, etc., as we, each experiencing imbalance, learn how to heal ourselves. They make a great addition to any healer’s crystal set and are lovely crystals to work with individually.