Testimonials for the crystal healing course: Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work

“This intensive crystal healing course has been hands down the most important course of my healing profession. Tana’s working knowledge, experience, and in-depth teaching style, coupled with monthly coaching sessions helped me get clear, focus my life, and take my practice to the next level. This is a comprehensive course without the fluff; it led to a sea change in the way I think about crystalline energy and subtle body healing. I was able to fine tune and apply what I learned in all the healing modalities I use with my clients now.  I never imagined there was so much to the subtle body and an infinite variety of ways to work with crystals (we never even looked at standard prescriptive meanings in books!). This class has given me the tools and the confidence to apply crystals in a sounder and more grounded way: my clients report being happier, “rested”, “recharged.”
This class is personalized. From the beginning conversations with the instructor to the final practicum –  I felt it was an opportunity to tailor it in the end, to my practice. Also, Tana is seriously generous: besides the sheer amount of material covered, this course instructor is available to us!  Tana takes on fewer students to ensure a good foundation for each of us. Coaching sessions were included! If you want to establish (or deepen) your healing work with crystals – this class and Tana’s professional coaching, will help you get there.
There is so much logic to the methods taught in this course. Tana’s approach moved me miles beyond the standard basics of color or generalities (so common in other crystal courses).  I’ve replaced this standard ‘wisdom’ from basic crystal books with the knowledge I now have of mineral content, structure, and geology, as a basis for energy to meet in the subtle body. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.”

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Tara Linda, CCTP July 2017
Biologist. Owner Sacred Land Sage. Practicing Healing Facilitator.
Services: Personal Ritual, Energy Tuning with sound and crystal therapy.

I am so grateful that I found this course for crystal therapy. I had no knowledge of how to work with crystals and now I am completely comfortable adding them to healing sessions. I loved all the useful information and thought provoking substance that Tana put together in the coursework. Tana was very supportive and helpful during this course.
Nadine C, CCTP August 2017

Tana’s Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Program is a multimedia learning experience that is professionally developed and delivered better than any other type of long distance learning program I have experienced.
I spent a lot of time looking for and comparing crystal therapy courses and found the Elemental Healing Arts & Training course to be the most comprehensive.  After my first conversation with Tana, I knew I had found a teacher that was personally interested in my success.
Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Program not only educates you about crystal healing, but more importantly, teaches you how to be a crystal healer. The classes, readings, videos, illustrations, assignments, and crystal supplies are all woven into an educational journey with thoughtfulness and love. It is hard to imagine how much time Tana put into making this integrated and fulfilling educational and practical learning experience.
Tana makes sure that you have all the knowledge and tools you need to setup your own crystal healing practice upon graduation. It is a complete educational experience and practitioner model.
-Mark O. CCTP, April 2017

“If you are seeking to learn about crystal healing, look no further; THIS is the training you want to take! Working with Tana has been a wonderful experience which has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery – learning about crystals, the subtle energy anatomy, ways to tap into my intuition and SO much more; this training is very thorough! All throughout the training Tana is there with you, serving as a heart-centered teacher and guide, ultimately “teaching you to fish” and bringing you to a place where you are ready to confidently go forth and implement your learning. I cannot recommend this course and working with Tana more highly.”
Jacki Marson


Jacki Marson, CCTP, March 2017
Fifth Element Healing

This is an amazing program. Tana has created a very rational approach to Crystal Therapy by building a curriculum which teaches real world physical science aspects of crystals and explores elemental and chemical relationships to human systems without being dry or boring. All the while exploring metaphysical implications and developing intuition and clinical assessment skills. The dialog is rich and grounded like no other class I’ve seen. The informational resources she has complied by themselves are worth the cost in my opinion. The private Facebook group has developed into an amazing community that you can stay connected to. You will leave this course feeling prepared and ready to work. I really can’t recommend this enough, it will take your study to a whole other level. 
– Mona V., CCTP, 2016

I just completed the last personal enrichment class for the Crystal Therapy in Subtle Energy Work Program. What a powerful, informative, expanding, empowering, engaging, and Light Filled Course.  The content of this course is truly outstanding because Tana gives such a broad view/perspective.  She makes it so clear, there is not ONE way to work with crystals; to work with subtle anatomy; to work with grids and sacred geometry; to work with the master crystal formations; to work in timelessness; and to work from the heart space.  With each class she offers a plethora of knowledge through text books; internet links; UTube videos; and her instructional videos.  In addition to the superb information she offers, her response to questions and issues is incredible.  I have never had to wait more than 3 days for any question or feedback and usually it was within a day.  She is so available and so caring, flexible, open, and committed to bringing forth the highest level instruction imaginable.  I am so honored to have studied the magnificent and magical world of crystals with Tana and I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand crystals; the space of the heart; sacred geometry; energy anatomy; and how to work in an empowered way with clients.  Thank you Tana! 
– Marie Desroches, Quiet Mountains Consulting – January 2017

Tana’s course will challenge you in an expansive way: it’s not your typical course. You will be asked to show understanding of the subjects covered in each in-depth class and you will be encouraged to continue your exploration after graduation. Tana guides you to a thorough understanding of the subtle body to successfully navigate the human energy field by way of crystal therapy. She shows you how these two components interact with each other. She asks you to honor your own intuition, while remaining open to possibilities and solutions.
I enjoyed the way she presented the material. Tana does not hold you to a particular point of view, rather she asks you to investigate and be open to several possibilities. Each class is concise, well thought out, and intelligent. I appreciate this approach. I am not one who falls into color matching or taking channeled messages as factual. We are living in a paradigm that needs room for expansion as well as results. This course put me on a path of continual growth and curiosity as opposed to regurgitating outdated dogma.
I recommend this program above others, for anyone who is specifically looking for a grounded approach to crystal healing, with an excellent foundation that allows for continued spiritual growth and healing.
Jeannine S., CCTP – September, 2016

I was a part of the beginning process with Tana and the Crystal Therapy Certification Program. I am so happy to be able to say how fortunate I am to have completed that course. Tana’s curriculum was easy to follow. It has been 2 years since completion of this course and I cannot begin to say how much it has enhanced my Reiki practice. I let the stones guide me once my client is on the table and each time it is never what I was expecting! It is always better! Tana’s knowledge and expertise put me at ease when I was confused about subtle anatomy and how it all came together. I have made referrals to her class and I know that anyone who is serious about this type of healing modality will not be disappointed with their outcome. Thank you Tana for improving the way I practice my skills.
Loretta Young, CCTP – updated review given October 2016
New Moon Wellness
Reiki Master ~ Teacher
Thought Field Therapy Practitioner
SoulCollage® Facilitator

I learned more in this course than I imagined possible. As a life-long lover of crystals, I thought this class would just teach me more about what each crystal ‘does’. Instead, I grew as an intuitive and developed my knowledge of the subtle energy systems. The practicum was wonderful, and Tana’s support was incredibly helpful. She was there every step of the way! I highly recommend this course!
Emelie Collet, CCTP – April 2016

I came completely without any knowledge of Crystals. Only mesmerized by them and wondering what the big buzz others made about crystals was all about. I wanted to learn from an accurate and approved source. I stumbled upon Tana’s program through what I feel was Spiritual Intervention.
Her program is intriguing, fascinating and challenging! It is for anyone at any time. No matter where you are at in regards to crystals, how much you already know or what you plan to do with the knowledge; I recommend this class to You! The reading material is superb and the pre-recorded 10+ video classes serve to supplement the reading assignments. Tana’s English major background really shows in her ability to teach through the videos and the way she communicates on a personal level.
I only have one piece of advice to share with you from personal experience in taking this class…Let it be the only ‘class’ you take at a time.  I took this class while also completing other studies which all together added to my stress. This is a serious class that will constitute to much learning on the specific topic of healing with crystals through balancing the Chakras.
On a last note…the information related to the chakras and the entire concept of which crystals to apply to which chakras and why was incredible! I’m sooo glad to have learned and be mentored by Tana through my experience with Crystals. I can’t recommend her enough to beginners and advanced learners alike!
Johanna Serbousek, CCTP – April 2016
Kyros Healing, Bellevue WA

This course has had a tremendous impact on my life. I have always been attracted to crystals and have felt a special relationship with them. I believed that my attraction was limited to my own experience though. I rarely spoke to others about this side of my life (after my initial excitement as a young explorer was mocked by those who meant well but didn’t understand). It was always easier to simply let it be – I didn’t want to have to explain. This didn’t stop me from finding crystals and taking them home. But my treasures were rarely out – they were stored in boxes with just a few exceptions. This course has changed all of that. I am still a bit anxious about talking to others about my relationship with crystals, but I am stronger internally and willing to withstand the discomfort to express myself authentically. My crystals are proudly displayed in all of their glory – and I have had some that let me know it was time for them to find new homes. I have realized through the practicum that my experience with crystals is not mine alone. I have been able to help others – all of whom were unfamiliar with crystals for the most part – experience some benefit from the healing they provide. I feel a higher level of energy in my life right now – and I recognize that I am on the path I am meant to walk. This course was exactly what I needed at exactly the time that I needed it. Without the past year, I don’t believe that I would be so grounded as I explore how this will change my life. I also don’t believe that I would be considering making that change to my life at all. I am truly grateful for this experience!!!
Andi Reed, CCTP – December 2015
Crystal Clear Healing

Loved this course! Tana is a wonderful instructor and the content is great! Learned more than I expected. I recommend this course above others I have taken.
Jane Wallace, CCTP – June 2015
The Krystal Goddess

I found this class to be most useful. Tana gives well rounded and in depth explanations and information about crystals that far surpassed any expectations I had for this class. I look forward to using this practice alone and combining it with my Reiki practice. This is an invaluable tool to have in my bag of “go to” things that deepen my healing practice(s). I would recommend this to anyone interested in working with Crystals or those who have some knowledge and want to expand their horizons. Thank you Tana for an enriching and fun experience!
Loretta Young, RMT, CCTP – May 2015

I was looking for college training in subtle energy that would prepare me for healing work and couldn’t find a program that fit my needs. This program covers everything!
Yvonne Wolff, CCTP – March 2015

I have taken Crystal Certification before, but nothing like this! This class is hands down the best course out there, to really teach and make you a better Practitioner. You will learn real Science and Subtle Body Anatomy to enhance your awareness to be a great Practitioner. You really get into the core of why Crystals and Stones work and how to choose them based on Science and the Subtle Body Energetic fields. Lectures and reading are set in a comprehensive form for each class. I consider this to be the Ivy League of Crystal Courses. You will come out of the class feeling confident and more aware of the ability to help heal yourself and clients. Tana is always available to you for any question or advice. She has a natural gift for teaching and is also a Practitioner herself.  I have been led into a whole new world of understanding and application of Crystals for our Subtle Body Energies. There are many classes out there, but this is the BEST one to dedicate your time and money to. Many other classes out there, but if you really want to be an effective Practitioner, THIS is the course! The world is truly blessed to have Tana teaching us.
Rokeya B – Summer, 2014

Testimonials from students and clients:
Overall approach: Finally- A crystal class that is thorough and well-taught! This is the class I’ve been looking for.  I am thrilled to have found a certification course that is taught in an extremely well-grounded, specific, and thorough way. This is not a workshop taught by someone who just took a crystal cert class and loves crystals; this crystal course is taught by a seasoned teacher who is a practicing crystal therapist. Tana is well-versed in presenting detailed material in a straightforward way, in a trajectory where in the end, I can apply what I am learning.
And best of all; this teacher is available! Because the course lectures are all self-paced, I arranged to have regular check-ins after doing my homework each month. Tana is available to answer my questions! And because of her intensive approach to the entire subject of crystals, she is teaching me critical thinking on and around the metaphysical modalities we cover. This last part was a surprise for me; I expected a metaphysical class to be on the fluffy side: non-specific, general, and mostly Spirit oriented.  Why? Because after trying out 2 other classes, that is all I could find.  Not this class. And to have a teacher who is actually available is a treat.
This is the kind of class that you never want to end; beyond learning basics that beg to be applied to life, I am getting a year-long opportunity to look at what I thought I knew, update my knowledge base, and learn how to apply it. I’m just beginning the Energy portion of the class, and am thrilled. I love it that whatever theories and beliefs we have are welcome- and that I get a chance to update, challenge, and check them against a host of other beliefs, references, and modalities (i.e there are at least 4 different cultures who work with a chakra system).
This is overall a very serious course, like a college class, with in-depth required reading, vetted research references, and thoughtful exercises intended to get us to think about what we believe, and whether we are thinking about crystals in a way that makes sense. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.
The subject matter in this course is unexpectedly thorough. In the end, I’m not sure how I will apply all that I am learning; (i.e. whether I will see clients, or conduct assessment and special kits/care packages with them online).  This makes me want to learn all that I can. What is amazing about Tana; she will gear the practicum in the end, toward your practice, or intended practice with clients. There is no one size fits all application, and Tana is committed to not only helping us learn, but in also helping us apply what we are learning, unique to our situations.  It doesn’t get better than this. – Tara Linda

I have been a participant in Tana’s 3-day Crystal Therapy workshop as well as received Crystal Healing. With each experience I have walked away with a renewed sense of wonder and awe. I have currently signed up for her online Crystal Therapy Certification Course beginning in January 2014 and can’t wait! Tana has such a vast knowledge of Crystals that I feel confident that through her teachings I will become a better Reiki Master/Teacher. I’m glad to have Tana as a resource in my life. Thank you for all that you do for the entire planet and myself.
Loretta Young, RMT, September 2013

I took a Crystal Therapy class from Tana in 2012.  I was new to the area, and she was recommended to me by a Reiki healer I met.  I was unsure of what to expect, and being a bit of an introvert, quite nervous about meeting a group of all new people.  I needn’t have worried.  Tana’s calm, welcoming energy made me feel comfortable immediately.  She did a great job of introducing the group and encouraging us to grow more comfortable with each other before beginning energy work.  Her knowledge of crystals and working with them is astounding, and she was excellent at giving materials and references for continuing to gain more knowledge after class.  Her research, passion, and reverence for working with crystals is evident in the work she puts into creating her class.  I learned an amazing amount about the formation, characteristics, identification, and uses of various crystals, and I feel comfortable now sharing that knowledge with others and using them in my work.  I often reference my class materials when working with them. I would recommend Tana to a friend for all the reasons above.  She is also very conscientious and has amazing integrity in the work she does.  She’s definitely a go-to guide for me when it comes to this work.  
Carrie Ronge, September 2013

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