Who I’m Learning From

Mooji’s teachings can be found here.

The Invitation

This is a powerful Satsang for those of us who want to experience the peace and joy that doesn’t go away. Is it possible? How might we experience this? How might we become awake and free? Mooji provides an experience of freedom through the essential “isness” of each Being.  I recommend starting at minute 40:00 if you would like to get straight to the experience being offered. The podcast version of this Invitation lasts about 38 minutes and can be found here: https://mooji.tv/freemedia/podcast-an-invitation-to-freedom/  if you’d like to experience it differently.

Krishna Das Music YouTube Channel
I enjoy his Chai n Chat videos in particular.

Mooji and Krishna Das also have podcasts if you prefer listening on the go.
Search for “Satsang with Mooji” in your preferred podcast app.
Search for “Pilgrim Heart” for Krishna Das’ podcast in your preferred podcast app.

My first teacher’s YouTube channel, Essential Light Institute  Here you can find teachings around subtle energy, what is Light? and more from Jonathan Goldman (not the sound healer – the other Jonathan Goldman, haha).

Tami Close shares her experiences in various ways including blog posts. Each post is so expansive that it could speak to any person in their individual seeking.

Have a question? Wish I had a video about that?

Send me an email and we’ll find a time that works for both of us to meet via Zoom. (Go to zoom.us and download the client created for your chosen device and I’ll send you a link via email on the day we’ve scheduled our video chat).