What is my LIFE’s PURPOSE?

healing, life purposeHow do you feel about this message? What happens in your body as you read it? What changes in the expression of your face?

Personally, I’ve had to experience many times this lesson to realize that the concept of a singular, grand purpose is not for everyone. Sure, some people are born “to be” “something.” They find their niche and fill it in a grand way almost immediately, almost with little opposition or struggle. But is that the norm? Is this a healthy expectation to place on ourselves? On everyone?

Someone once said, “If you are striving, you are living outside of your Heart.” As soon as we yearn, grasp, struggle to reach for something, we’ve moved – if ever so slightly – outside of our highest alignment. I have tested this since hearing it and I find it to be a Big T Truth.

Can there be another way? Can we trust the Heart enough to let go of the illusion of needing to fulfill a master/grand purpose? Can we breathe into our Hearts and give ourselves permission to Be Present Now in more and more moments so that we don’t have to expend energy searching for our purpose, but rather, allow our lives to come to us, moment by moment?

I used to be very tied to the idea that one day I’d be a college English professor. I strived everyday throughout junior high, high school, and into college to Make That Happen. After numerous roadblocks (thank you, Universe), I had to give up. And if I hadn’t? Well, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m not talking about running EHAAT or teaching my course. I’m talking about being at peace that *wherever* I am and *whatever* I am doing – I am living my purpose when I am doing whatever wherever through my Heart space. Working a minimum wage job? Sure. Growing food for my family? Yes. Becoming a nomad and living out of my car? Absolutely. There is actually a lot less stress, a lot more joy, and definitely more peace in this new paradigm. As long as I’m in my Heart – I can’t go wrong. I’m not perfect at this by any means, but the joy from the lessons have borne enough fruit that I’m going to stick with this way of being and get back on track whenever I find myself wandering away from it.

Best to you on this fine day.