What is Subtle Energy Healing?

What is Subtle Energy Healing?

Subtle energy healing, also called vibrational healing, is an umbrella term under which resides numerous energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, EFT, chakra balancing, crystal therapy and more.
From Dr. Richard Gerber’s book, Vibrational Medicine: the #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies,
The Einsteinian paradigm as applied to vibrational medicine sees human beings as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems. Vibrational medicine uses specialized forms of energy to positively affect those energetic systems that may be out of balance due to diseased states. By rebalancing the energy fields that help to regulate cellular physiology, vibrational healers attempt to restore order from a higher level of human functioning (39).
As Dr. Gerber goes on to explain, this approach is based, in part, on the recognition that all matter is energy – including the human body. Physical, emotional, mental as well as spiritual health is restored through balancing the energy of the subtle energetic anatomy.
Subtle energy healing works in concert with traditional, allopathic medicine or it can be used alone when the client’s physical, mental and emotional health is not in a state of severe crisis.  In cases where the client is experiencing an immediate need for medical attention or intervention, the client will be directed to a licensed medical and/or mental health care professional first. Once a state of equilibrium is established and the client is not in immediate health danger, subtle energetic healing therapies can be pursued.
Cyndi Dale writes in her book, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, “Because everything is energy, all medicines are energetic” (6).  All medicines – Eastern, Western, and in between.  I prefer to live in the world of “both/and” as much as is possible.
What is Crystal Therapy?
Crystal therapy is an alternative healing modality utilizing the energy from the mineral kingdom within the subtle energetic anatomy to bring one’s subtle energetic body back into alignment. While many people think of color matching to chakras (red stones on the root, blue stones on the throat), crystals can be highly powerful and effective tools for healing because they actually have many exciting properties that can interact with our subtle energies in different ways.
from Michael Gienger, Crystal Power Crystal Healing
“In this way, we were able to create a foundation for the art of healing with crystals, a method in which the principles refer to the nature and characteristics of the stones themselves.” p13
“In order to understand completely the effects of healing stones, we will need to become familiar with the world and nature of rocks, stones, and crystals as well as that of humans. Only then will be able to understand how and in what form communication between the two can be possible.” p14
Crystal therapy is a subtle energy healing modality that can help people:
  • experience an increased vitality and joie de vivre
  • combat stress or anxiety
  • identify and work through emotional issues
  • identify and work through recurring habits that no longer serve
  • evolve spiritually
  • and more
A qualified crystal therapy practitioner will also have an in-depth understanding of the subtle anatomy, including: the auric layers, the etheric field, the chakras, the nadis, the meridians, and more. Not only will they be able to identify each and explain to their clients the energetic role each plays, but they also understand how these different aspects work in concert with one another. After assessment, CCTPs aid their clients in rebalancing their energy centers to achieve a balanced, overall harmonic.
Crystal therapy is a modality that can be applied alone or in conjunction with another subtle healing modality, such as Reiki. Crystal therapy can also be used in conjunction with standard medical treatments.
Why do people seek out subtle energy healing?
Many studies suggest that emotional and mental distress can have a direct influence on the physical body, manifesting in aches and pains and other types of imbalances. Subtle energy healing is known for helping to ease pain, as well as reduce tension, anxiety and stress. Although it may not completely eradicate a client’s pain in every instance, the calm, relaxed state that can be accessed during a session helps the client to 1) connect with their body 2) recognize their body’s sensations and 3) gain a deeper awareness of how to achieve and maintain a state of balance moving forward.
Clients tell me that one of the most noticeable shifts they experience after the first session is that they aren’t triggered by the things that usually cause them anxiety, agitation, anger, fear, or sadness. They feel centered and better able to see the bigger picture and find that they can’t seem to get mired in the numerous, fleeting details that accost them throughout their day.  Often, where our thoughts and emotions go our bodies follow. When the body is relaxed and the mind is free of stress, a person can more easily meet and acknowledge emotional, mental and spiritual issues, then work toward releasing them.

In sessions I have the honor of facilitating, our overarching focus will be learning how to directly experience life through the field of the heart. This means learning how to tangibly experience the energies of calmness, compassion, faith, surrender, trust and humility so that we can have a discerning knowledge of those energies and how they bring balance and healing to all aspects of our lives.

My role as a practitioner
My role in your healing is to facilitate a time and space for you to learn to tap into your ability to heal yourself. My job isn’t to heal you – it is to help you learn how to heal yourself. I offer my ability (an ability we all have) to sense into your subtle anatomy and bring balance through my work with Usui Reiki, transformational energy medicine, and crystals. Healing will look differently and mean different things to different people.  What this experience produces in your life is up to you. It is not my job to judge you and it is not my job to tell you what to change in your life or how to change it. My joy is to hear you and to provide a safe, sacred space of healing so that you might breathe into your life in a way that yields expansion, personal fulfillment, peace.
Specific results cannot be guaranteed as this is not the nature of the work. Human beings (especially Westerners) are very goal-oriented and live mostly in the mind. This type of healing work is on-going with no “end game goal” – we are continual works in progress. There is a kind of peace that comes with this awareness.

There are many aspects to each human that desire attention. The body wants to be experienced and lived into; the mental and emotional aspects wants to be recognized and reigned in by the field of the heart, the spiritual field desires to be recognized and released. This is on-going, multidimensional work. It is also uniquely experienced by each person.

Many alternative wellness modalities approach healing from an Einsteinian (holographic/wholeness) perspective, rather than from a purely Newtonian (mechanistic/parts) one. Subtle energy healing does not attempt to cure imbalances. Rather, the perspective is that we have an opportunity to transmute or transform them. Subtle energetic healing comes from within a person and is supported by outside influences. It is different from standard, allopathic medicine which usually attempts to treat or cure physical imbalances from external influences and expects immediate or timely results and is less guided by or dependent upon the patient. (If a client has a physical, emotional, or mental emergency, he or she must seek licensed medical care. Subtle energy healing can be used alongside of standard medical care when the client is not in a state of emergency).

As with most alternative therapies, it can take a number of sessions which build on each other, to begin to live into one’s healing experiences. The number of sessions and the frequency is not absolute: it will be different for each person according to their unique situation, needs, and desires. This is not to say that one appointment will not help a client begin to manifest healing in their life. However, alternative wellness therapies are more like massage therapy where repeating sessions help the muscles remember their relaxed state, and less like setting a broken bone that once healed, there is nothing left to do.
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Disclaimer: Crystal therapy and subtle energy healing are alternative, holistic treatment choices that are not meant to be use in lieu of standard, licensed, medical, dental, or psychiatric care, directives, treatments, or prescriptions which may be lifesaving in certain circumstances. If you believe you have a medical, dental or psychiatric condition, please seek professional, licensed medical or dental care immediately.
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