Which crystal should I use for X ailment?

Recently someone asked me,
“Which crystals would be good for an autoimmune disease?”

An inquiry into crystal healing usually begins with a question similar to this one. If we are experiencing a physical, mental, or emotional imbalance, we want to know which crystal/ritual/herb/exercise/medicine will fix it. This is called a prescriptive approach to healing and it is similar in theory and practice to the way licensed medical professionals work with pharmaceuticals or the way a naturopathic physician might dispense herbal and mineral supplements. Sometimes a prescription is necessary. I’m very much “both/and” when it comes to health and wellness. Western medicine – when worked with from a space of integrity – can be a gift and a lifesaving one at that. I feel very fortunate to live in a time of great medical knowledge and advancing medical technologies. 

Emergency states of imbalance need to be treated as emergencies. But usually the imbalance we’re experiencing and inquiring a fix for isn’t an emergency, so time can be taken to consider root causes of the effect. This can involve checking in with our mental and emotional states, as well as our thought forms and spiritual wellness. When we are not in a state of emergency, we can take time to approach the imbalance we are experiencing from a (w)holistc perspective. 

We tend to seek out a prescriptive remedy first because, let’s face it, inquiry into the cause of imbalance means staying in our “stuff” longer. And we don’t like that feeling – we want to feel balanced again and as soon as possible. Or more accurately, we want to feel the way we did before we recognized the imbalance existed which is to say we want to feel comfortable (and this is not necessarily a balanced state). However deeper inquiry into the mental, emotional and sometimes spiritual issues often yield regaining balance in deeper, more lasting way, affecting how we perceive and integrate the events of our inner and outer worlds in paradigm shifting ways.  

So when someone asks me, “What crystal is good for an autoimmune disease?” I ask two things:
1. Are you currently under the care of a licensed physician who is treating this disease?

If they say, “No,” I recommend they change that because I am not a licensed physician and any help I might provide cannot be substituted for proper medical care. If the client is not in an emergency health crisis, I can go forward helping them, but with the caveat that they should seek professional, licensed health care if they want to continue working with me. 

If they answer, “Yes,” (or “No,” and are not in an emergency state) I ask the following questions:
– when did you first start noticing the imbalance?
– where were you when you first noticed the imbalance?
– what was going on in your life when you first noticed the imbalance?
– how have you and your life changed as a result of this imbalance?
– how do you feel in your body when this imbalance is aggravated?
– how is your doctor currently treating this disease?
– tell me more about the specifics of your autoimmune disease as you understand it.

Based on their answers, I can begin to mentally gather some crystals that may provide an energetic support as the person seeks to heal their imbalance. We need to reconsider the Crystal in light of its uniqueness and not lose sight of that in the same way we need to not lose sight of each Human Being’s uniqueness. When crystals are understood to be unique based on numerous physical factors, it is difficult to approach crystal therapy from a prescriptive stance.

Crystals are not cures and they are not one-size-fits-all. They can provide subtle energetic support based on their chemical composition, trace elements, crystal system, manner of formation, class, and more. There is also the inexplicable subtle-spiritual aspect of each crystal to consider, which simply cannot be forced into a prescriptive formula.

Can all Amethyst, for example, carry a similar base-vibration? Sure. But who is deciding what that base vibration is? Who is defining that for the rest of us? How is this determined? But more importantly to me, that base vibration is just the tip of the iceberg and we can go deeper. There is a nuance in crystal therapy that is introduced when the individual person and the individual crystal is considered fully.

Blessings and gratitude. Tana